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The Ghosts of N-Space

By Barry Letts

Book review by Samual McLeod

After reading Barry Letts' last venture into the Who-niverse, I wasn't particularly looking forward to The Ghosts of N-Space. My fears were heightened when I heard that the plot involved ghosts breaking through from another dimension. This is one of the most over-used plots in science fiction (almost the entire Ghostbusters cartoon series revolved around it). After reading the book my fears were confirmed. It wasn't very good. I found my attention dwindling and my eyes continually flicked down to the page number to see how much longer there was to go. The book reads like a good story that has been subjected to an incredible amount of padding to flesh out the page count. Personally I would have preferred it to be shorter as it would have been more interesting and easy to read. The Brigadier being one-eighth Italian was absolutely ridiculous, I can't help feeling that the novel should have been set in Scotland if only to give the book a shred of credibility.

The Doctor and the Brigadier are well characterised. Jeremy is also well written as he is unintentionally humorous. The villain of the piece, Max Vilmio, is an interesting and credible character.

To be perfectly honest if this wasn't a Doctor Who book I would have put it down after the first few chapters. All in all an extremely mediocre novel 4/10

This item appeared in TSV 46 (January 1996).

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