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Doctor Who Magazine

By Jon Preddle

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Doctor Who Magazine 242 (28 August 1996)

For a lead article in DWM 235, editor Gary Gillatt showed Terror of the Zygons to a class of 10 year olds to test their appreciation of classic Doctor Who. As a follow up, Gillatt showed the same class the McGann TV Movie and recorded their impressions which are reported here. This is a highly enjoyable feature. These kids deserve their own talk-show! Another highlight for me was the second part of the interview with Chris D'Oyly John who worked on the early Tom Baker stories. He reveals quite a bit about the disagreements that went on behind the scenes between Baker and various people! The main feature of this issue is a nostalgic look back on 26 plus 1 years of Doctor Who in terms of classic moments. I particularly agree with their final comment that the TARDIS scene from 100,000 BC 'is why we are here.' The High Council makes a welcome return; modesty prevents me from pointing out a familiar name! Oh, and that out of this world classic (!) The Space Pirates is the Archive subject, with some great photos.

Doctor Who Magazine 243 (25 September 1996)

Unlike Paul, I've enjoyed seeing The Evil of the Daleks telesnaps. This issue has the last episode of this particular tale; I vividly recall watching the Dalek battle on NZ television back in 1970. Magic stuff! Strangely, for one who generally dislikes the comic strip, the one in 243, a humorous look at how obsessive fans can be, is for me the best feature of the issue. There are also three interviews, Philip Segal, director Derek Martinus, and Frazer Hines. Why does Hines have a red knob tied to his belt in the picture on page 11? The cover story is a two-part feature which examines time travel and paradoxes; an interesting item by New Adventures writer Steve Lyons which asks more questions than it answers! Finally, the Archive goes down to explore Underworld.

Doctor Who Magazine 244 (23 October 1996)

This issue is a Cybermen special to celebrate 30 years since they first appeared on our screens. Accordingly, Silver Nemesis is the anniversary Archive story, Cyber-Leader David Banks tells all and good god! writer Kevin Clarke says who he thinks the Doctor really is. On a humorous side, there is an amusing look at what to do and what not to do at a Doctor Who convention. It's good to see lighter items like this appearing more frequently in what can sometimes be a very serious fact-intensive magazine. This issue also sees the debut of the Eighth Doctor in the Marvel comic strip. Unfortunately, the artist has some trouble capturing McGann's likeness, making him look very feminine in some panels. Despite that, it's rather an excellent issue.

Doctor Who Magazine 245 (20 November 1996)

Hah! I was right! Back in TSV 47 I made the prediction that 'The Monitor' would examine the similarities between Remembrance of the Daleks and Silver Nemesis in his column. Guess what! After a four-issue absence John Nathan-Turner returns to talk about what it's like being on hiatus and the problems with putting on The Trial of a Time Lord. And in the first of a new feature which examines 'roots' and influences a comparison is made between Doctor Who and The Avengers, complete with a check-list of recommended Avengers / Doctor Who crossover episodes. A special edition of The High Council contains readers' solutions to the many continuity issues of the McGann TV movie, and what an intelligent bunch of people they are, too! The Mind Robber is analysed by Professor Pixley, and the long delayed second part of the Chris Clough interview finally appears. Hey, what's happened to the promised 'Spiking the Canon' article, Gary?

This item appeared in TSV 49 (November 1996).