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By Nicholas Withers

Welcome to TSV 49, one short of the big celebratory issue 50, but nevertheless still packed to the brim.

Once more we are firmly entrenched in the waiting game. Will Fox or won't Fox? What about the BBC? The BBC's current stand seems positively idiotic considering the ratings scored by the telemovie screening in Britain (and even more so considering the peoples' choice award for the best series ever). We can only hope that common sense will prevail and we will eventually end up with new Who in some form. In the mean time we can be good little fan boys and dissect the telemovie and McGann's superb performance to death.

The next issue, as promised, is going to be a very special insight into the history of TSV and the New Zealand Doctor Who Fan Club. Beyond that (yes, contrary to the rumours, TSV is continuing), TSV 51 is being planned with a definite fan fiction emphasis so this means that we want your stories!

Having finished another TSV I think its time to grab a beer and some popcorn, put my feet up, and watch an old Doctor Who story or two without having to worry about reviews or deadlines (at least until next time).


This item appeared in TSV 49 (November 1996).