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The Handbook: The Third Doctor

By David J Howe & Stephen James Walker

Reviewed by Jon Preddle


Five down, two to go. Jehosophat, has it really been 12 months since I reviewed the Fifth Doctor Handbook? Where has the time gone?

For those of you who have read the other Handbooks then the layout will not be unfamiliar; quotations from Pertwee interviews, the Third Doctor character study, the ubiquitous episode guide and 'Who Fax' (the original storyline for Invasion of the Dinosaurs is interesting if only for the fact that it didn't include any dinosaurs!). Each book contains a chapter on one aspect of 'production'; here it's the work of the costume designer. The ones interviewed all have similar tales to tell about coping with their miniscule budget allowances. Bobi Bartlett's account of her unexpected day in prison has to be read to be believed!

Day of the Daleks is the story featured in 'From Script to Screen'. This section is always my favourite, and it should appeal to those readers who enjoy the Archives in Doctor Who Magazine. I visited the Bull's Bridge canal tunnel location during my last visit to London, and apart from a few weeds and some graffiti it hasn't changed in 20 years!

Our own Paul Scoones had a hand in compiling the information about 'Selling the Doctor' in New Zealand. This is a condensed version of the same information that has previously appeared in TSV and the TSV Listener specials.

A final word on the cover. In terms of the painting this would have to be Alister Pearson's best so far for the Handbook series. I'm at a loss however as to why the 'mug shot gallery' painting of the Third Doctor under the logo has been changed (and why hasn't Paul McGann been added?).

This item appeared in TSV 49 (November 1996).