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By Paul Scoones

I was looking over an old issue of Zerinza (an Australian fanzine) recently, specifically a poll of the first 20 years of Doctor Who. I noticed the comment that none of the Key to Time stories rated a mention in either the results of the Classic stories or Worst stories categories. The compiler of the results speculated as to whether fans have forgotten this season entirely. Is it this, I wonder, or are fans simply indifferent to Season 16? 1 comment on this because my once steady stream of reviews for Seasons 14 and 15 has dried up completely with Season 16. Last month's issue reviewed The Ribos Operation and The Pirate Planet, and I am still looking for reviews of The Stones of Blood to The Armageddon Factor. So if you've been burning to review a Doctor Who story, now is your chance to do so.

I am also hoping that this apparent indifference does not extend to the Season 16 Poll as well - you have until 23 March to send in your opinions of the season as a whole. Please do make the effort. While I'm asking, I'm also looking for your brief opinions of each of the Season 24 stories, that is, if you've seen them. A series of articles on the season, incorporating these opinions, begins next issue.

On a different note, I'd like to thank Nigel Windsor (our UK correspondent) for the news he sent on both the movie and Season 25. A big thanks also to Peter Coleman for giving us an insight into the scrapped Pertwee ads, and to Jon Preddle for the initial set of dates - and then all the corrections - an amazing piece of dedicated research!

Thanks are also due to Scott Walker (secretary) for informing me of the formation of the New Zealand Doctor Who Fan Club. I wish them all the best.

Finally, I have been asked why I don't start the practice of awarding a free issue for every review published (some other fanzines do this). The answer is that because TSV is a non-profit fanzine, free issues I mean I start running at a loss.

Paul Scoones

This item appeared in TSV 5 (March 1988).

Reprinted in: Special Reprint Edition