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Doctor Who Magazine

Reviewed by Jon Preddle

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Issue 250 (9 April 1997)

This celebratory issue takes a nostalgic look back at the past 250 issues of DWW and DWM (but why is there no coverage of the 26 DWM Specials?). The Fantastic Facts running along the bottom of these pages gives those with a complete set of issues a chance to go back and look for all the goofs, typos and errors that appeared in the early issues! Having reached the halfway point in this issue with the story by story examination of the Doctor Who serials the Archive shifts from the centre pages, where it had resided for the previous 70 issues, to the back of the magazine, a move which now gives it an extra page of text. Genesis of the Daleks is the adventure in question, a somewhat ironic choice given the cover story in two issues' time. And the two interviewees, Barry Letts and Elisabeth Sladen share a common link to the Archive story. Of the two free posters, I prefer the McGann one; but it wasn't until after I had studied this photo that I realised how naff the new TARDIS console actually is! A satisfying issue, but I'm undecided about the 'New Look' of the magazine. Maybe it will grow on me in time...

Issue 251 (7 May 1997)

Yes, finally! The Macra Terror telesnaps. I'm looking forward to seeing the later episodes of this story - it will prove to me once and for all whether or not the memory cheats. The main feature this issue is Question Marks, a study of the Doctor's character, motivations and values. In the comic strip the Eighth Doctor encounters the Daleks - it had to happen sooner or later! (Another link to the passing of Terry Nation). I'm enjoying the semi-regular Roots feature: Part 3 examines the influences of the House of Hammer and other horror films. The second part of the Elisabeth Sladen interview is accompanied by a listing of '100 Things You Never Knew You Knew About Sarah Jane Smith'. Well, they were nearly right; there were in fact 22 things there that I didn't know I knew! The Romans is given the usual superb Archive treatment, but could someone please explain why the Archive uses a photo from The Savages?

Issue 252 (4 June 1997)

DWM 252 features two obituaries; the first is for Dalek-man Terry Nation whose sudden death surprised fandom, the other is for Virgin's New and Missing Adventures, which bowed out the same month this issue was published. NA author Matthew Jones looks back over the six year history of the books, and reveals several 'Did You Know?' facts about the novel series. The Macra Terror episode two is telesnapped and the Season Seven story The Ambassadors of Death is the Archive. And the lead photos for the second part of Question Marks reveals that at least five of the Doctors have really fascinating eyes...

Issue 253 (2 July 1997)

The memory does not cheat! The images from The Macra Terror part three proves it; I remember most of this from NZ television in 1970. The lead article is an interesting but flawed report on the restoration of The War Machines for video; flawed because of the bad image it paints of New Zealand censorship. Roots Part 4 examines literary influences, including Sherlock Holmes, and the works of H.G. Wells. Peter Moffat recalls his time directing Doctor Who, and The Pirate Planet is the Archive. Still not sure about the new look, but aren't they a cute couple on the cover...

This item appeared in TSV 51 (June 1997).