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By Paul Scoones

This is my last editorial for TSV, so I'd better make it a good one. Rather than gush on at length about how much I've enjoyed doing TSV over the last ten-eleven months, I thought I'd take the opportunity to voice an opinion or two about Doctor Who issues.

Firstly, I am repulsed by people who seem to treat the show as if it's a religion, and get terribly offended when it doesn't live up to their high-minded expectations. I was disgusted to learn that certain fans are so obsessed that they mounted a campaign against the BBC recently. One of those fans is the editor of that shit-stirring 'fan'zine, Doctor Who Bulletin, which seems to spend a disproportional amount of time dwelling on the evil fantasies of the show's producer, John Nathan-Turner. DWAS, with their Celestial Toyroom fanzine are a little more objective, but still manage to commit similar crimes. The DWB editor and others of his ilk seem to believe that JNT can do no right. Now I'm no supporter of JNT, but there's no reason to viciously hate a man you don't even know as a person simply because you don't like his methods and style of production - criticism is healthy, hate campaigns aren't.

It is good to hear that JNT is going, though. I feel that the show has become tired because the producer is tired; it is likely that the BBC encouraged him to remain in the post - Grade especially said that only JNT knew how to produce Doctor Who. Whether JNT is being booted out, or going of his own accord, Doctor Who is long overdue for a fresh outlook in the form of a new producer. Fans should be reminded however that this doesn't mean necessarily a return to the Doctor Who of old; they don't like this style, what's to say they'll like what Season 26 brings in 1989? Finally, just a reminder that Doctor Who is really only a TV programme aimed at a teen audience, and isn't made for the fans, however much they like to believe it is.

I'd just like to wish Andrew, Kay and Scott all the best with TSV Vol. 2, and yes, I have enjoyed doing TSV. So it's goodbye from me, and hello from them! Farewell.

This item appeared in TSV 6 (April 1988).

Reprinted in: Special Reprint Edition