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By Paul Scoones

So here we are at the sixtieth issue. What is even more significant than this arbitrary round number though is the fact that, as I write this, it is thirteen years almost to the day since I printed off the first copies of issue one. That means TSV has now been around for the equivalent as half of the total twenty-six year life span of Doctor Who on television! It also recently occurred to me that TSV is now older than some of its readers. Sobering stuff.

But there are even better things to celebrate than TSV's anniversary. Paul McGann is once again playing the Eighth Doctor, in a series of four new stories that Doctor Who Magazine is calling ‘Season 27’. I can't wait to hear these new audio adventures from Big Finish; it's the very next best thing to having a new television series.

Or perhaps the next best thing is actually having the old series back on air. If you can receive Prime TV (most areas of New Zealand can), then you'll no doubt have been soaking up the exploits of the Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Susan each night. It's fantastic that we're getting to see Doctor Who from the beginning, including some episodes never before screened in New Zealand!

What's made the Prime Doctor Who screenings extra special for me has been getting the chance to help ‘behind the scenes’ in a small way; helping out with the publicity and appearing on Alice Worsley's Prime Living TV show on two separate occasions to discuss Doctor Who. These TV interviews have also given me an opportunity to promote TSV and the club. If you're one of our new readers who have discovered the club through our exposure on Prime, then a very warm welcome to you!

Revisiting these old episodes anew is a grand opportunity to give them a fresh appraisal. I'm very interested to know what you, the reader, think of these stories as you're watching them afresh. Is Susan's apparently obligatory hysterical fit every episode getting on your nerves? Wasn't The Aztecs surprisingly good drama? Did The Daleks give you the urge to scramble back behind the sofa?

Write in and tell me what you think of each story - and also tell me what you've spotted as you're watching that's brilliant, awful, funny or just rather odd. Write as much or as little and as often as you like. I'll be compiling everyone's opinions and observations into a major feature next issue. I look forward to hearing from you!


This item appeared in TSV 60 (June 2000).