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Encylopedia of the Worlds of Doctor Who A-D

by David Saunders

Book review by Jon Preddle

What is Assissium?
Who is Dell?
Where is Astra?

These are just three of over 800 entries in the first volume of the Encylopedia of the Worlds of Doctor Who A-D. Ex-DWAS coordinator David Saunders has put together an incredible listing of every person, place and thing that appears in the Hartnell to Colin Baker eras, from the tiniest bit part, to something mentioned, but never seen.

There are, however, omissions, the biggest I noticed being Castrovalva. In his foreword, Saunders gives an idea of what future volumes will contain, from production details, to an in-depth study of the Doctor himself.

Each page is complemented by excellent line drawings by The Rescue cover artist, Tony Clark.
Compared to Jean Marc Lofficier's brief listing in The Programme Guide Volume 2, Leslie Standring's excellent Illustrated A-Z, and Peter Haining's effort in The Time Traveller's Guide, this book is a must for any enthusiastic Doctor Who fan.

The hardback at £5.95 (NZ$ 17.00) may seem pricey, but worth every penny. Here's looking to Vol. 2...

This item appeared in TSV 7 (May 1988).