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By Andrew Poulsen and Scott Walker

Hi again folks. It's been a long two months since our last issue (although not long enough for the typists!), and much has happened, both here at HQ and in general. Anyway, on to last issue [the NZDWFC Newsletter No.1]. Those that received the first edition may have noticed that there were several errors in it. Those that received the second edition (yep, we ran out of our first 40 copies quickly!) need only read this for general interest's sake.

Well, the errors that are in the last issue, 1st edition, do have a reason for being there. That wasn't the real last issue. "What?", I hear you say. Please, let me explain. We had the newsletter all typed, pasted and ready to print at 4.30pm on Wednesday the 17th of March. All was well. I (Andrew P.) left work at 5.45pm and made my way to the central Post Office to clear our PO Box. Parking my motorbike outside, I ran in and emptied the box of its contents. Returning to my bike I noticed something wrong. My pack, which sits on the pack-rack, was missing. Naturally I panicked. Our whole newsletter, plus illos, master page boarders, and my master computer disc (containing the only fully corrected copy of the newsletter) were in that bag! So after reporting its disappearance to the Police I rushed home to take stock of the situation. After contacting everyone involved, Scott, Debbie, our wonderful printer, and Catriona (pronounced Katrina), my girlfriend, I picked everyone up in the car and headed for my work. Luckily "Computer Automation and Technology", my work, operates out of my boss's garage, which meant that I could get in, so, after dragging my boss from the shower (Uh-oh!) we printed off our backup file, which was complete with errors. Then, rushing to Debbie's work, we cut and pasted it, found new illo's and finally printed it, finishing around midnight. It was posted out to everyone the following day. Luckily a gentleman found my bag, abandoned in the centre of Christchurch, and returned it several days later. Everything of importance to us was still in it. So, that's the story with Issue 1. Strange though it may seem it's all true! Hopefully we won't have as much trouble with this issue of TSV.

Well, that's about a page full, so, enjoy this issue, and please send in letters to our letters page, let's get some good debates going. We also want to feature a Merchandise section so, anyone interested in selling or buying DW merchandise contact us.

Looking forward to hearing from you all,
Andrew Poulsen and Scott Walker


You will have noticed a slight difference this issue. We have a name! This is due to the changes that we could only hint at last issue. The editor of 'Time/Space Visualiser' [TSV] (the Auckland based Doctor Who newsletter), Paul Scoones, decided it was about time to retire, and, to recap a short story, we have taken over TSV at Paul's request. This also means that over the next few months we'll be printing articles submitted to the old TSV as they were typed (this is for two reasons, they have been very well typed already, and we are too lazy to retype articles that don't really need it!). Back issues of TSV Volume 1 should be available some time in the near future, so new members can obtain copies of New Zealand's first long running newsletter and zine.

This also means a boost in our numbers, which is greatly appreciated. All we hope now is that we can satisfy everyone, and if we're not satisfying you, please write and tell us and we'll do what we can to remedy the situation.

We're also making another small editorial policy change. Because poor old Andrew (guess who's writing this!) is a busy guy, and doing most of the typing of this newszine as well, I, sorry, he has decided that if any item submitted has been well typed, with few errors, we'll print it as is. (As I have done with Paul Scoones 'Target' article.) This saves me heaps of time that would otherwise be spent at a computer keyboard. It also means that, if enough people send in well-typed articles, we can consider producing this newsletter more regularly, say, one every six weeks. Wouldn't that be nice. Anyway, it's up to you, the submitters to this newszine. It's future is in your hands (so to speak). Do we produce a slightly lower quality cut-and-paste magazine, or do we go for the nicely typed, well presented magazine. Whats everyone's feeling on this. Please, tell us!

The other thing you may have noticed is the strange numbering. This is TSV 7, Volume 2 Number 1. The reason for this is that we couldn't decide what to call it. As TSV's last issue was TSV 6, it makes sense to call it TSV 7, however, to point out that it's a new newszine, with a new image, we felt it good to point out that it's Volume 2, Number 1. Does that make sense. Again, let us know.

This item appeared in TSV 7 (May 1988).