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By Jon Preddle

Gallifrey, the name of the Time Lord's planet, was first revealed to the public in the pages of "TV Action" comic. It was not until The Time Warrior that it was first said on screen. It was devised by Robert Holmes, the writer of that story, from the word "gallimaufry", meaning mixture, or motley.

In wasn't until Spearhead from Space that the idea of the Time Lords having two hearts was introduced. In the Hartnell story, The Edge of Destruction, and the Troughton story, The Wheel in Space, it is stated that he has only one!

For the first 18 years of the show, the lead actor was credited as "Doctor Who", and from season nineteen onwards, as "The Doctor".

The back cover spiel of Greg Bear's newest SF novel Eon describes an asteroid that is bigger on the inside than out as "Tardislike". The passage is remarkable because it is assumed that the reader knows what is meant if something has dimensions that are Tardislike - clearly indicative of the influence Doctor Who has outside its own sphere.

Peter Davison's name used to be Peter Moffatt; it's just as well he changed it, as Peter Moffatt is the name of a Doctor Who director who worked on the show mainly during Davison's era. It would have been quite confusing.

Female writers on Doctor Who have been scarce; the only solo female writer was Barbara Clegg, who wrote Enlightenment. Lesley Scott is credited with co-writing The Ark with Paul Erickson because he included his girlfriend's name on the scripts as a dedication. Paula Moore, credited writer of Attack of the Cybermen is actually none other than Eric Saward, who used his girlfriends name for contractual reasons, her name appears in his The Visitation novel, which he dedicated to her. Jane Baker has written for Doctor Who, but always with her husband, Pip Baker.

During the Pertwee era, we heard the voice of Jon Pertwee as a radio newsreader in Inferno, Nicholas Courtney as the BBC3 announcer in The Daemons and director Michael Bryant as the DJ in The Sea Devils.

This item appeared in TSV 7 (May 1988).

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