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By Scott Walker

Welcome to Volume 2, Issue 8. Time certainly seems to have flown since the last issue, the little newsletter in between shortening the space even more. A lot has happened recently within, and related to, the club.

There were good responses to the season poll and the competition, and I was surprised at the number of answers people got wrong. I did design it for the average fan. Comments please.

However, the biggest event was our first video marathon, attended by 28 people from in and around Christchurch. To us on the committee, this symbolises what the club is all about, enjoyment and participation.

On that point I would like too encourage all new members to contribute some form of writing for future issues. At the moment we have a regular group of about seven who are very active and are a tremendous help, but more involvement is needed from the rest of you. If you have something to say write to the letters page, we really do want to hear from you.

To end I would like to say something on JNT and the new producer. Doctor Who has had many varied, distinctive and of course controversial production styles and producers. The most talked about producer yet, John Nathan Turner, has officially announced that he will be leaving the show for fresher fields. There will be those (a very select few) who feel Doctor Who doesn't need a new producer or look, but are satisfied with it as it is now. But the majority of fans will be sighing gratefully at the news. A new outlook is badly needed, sadly JNT has dried himself up, we now see (especially in season 24) "Over The Top" acting, bad scripts, shady sets. Hopefully a new producer can elevate Doctor Who to its former glory. He will hold the future of Doctor Who in his hands, and, hopefully, those hands will mould it into a better show. Of course, only the future can tell. I wish the new producer (whoever he may be) the best of luck for season 26 and beyond.

Lastly, I hope everyone enjoys this issue. Congratulations to Graham and Ken as the contest winners, and remember to keep those contributions coming in.

Scott Walker

This item appeared in TSV 8 (August 1988).