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Doctor Who on Mastermind

As most of us know, recently Jon Preddle from Auckland appeared on Mastermind with his specialist subject being Doctor Who. Jon won his heat, but, unfortunately, went on to lose his semi-final. This issue we have reproduced the questions from his heat, and next issue we'll feature the even harder questions from the semi-final. Could you be the next Mastermind? Try yourself on the following questions...

HEAT SEVEN (26 June 1988)

  1. On entering the space museum on Xeros, what group of people did the Doctor and his companions find as exhibits? [Themselves]
  2. Who played the Doctor during the first story to be filmed in colour? [Jon Pertwee]
  3. In The Brain of Morbius while escaping from the Sisterhood of the Flame, what afflicted Sarah? [Blindness]
  4. What did the Daleks hope to learn from the Spiridon slave workers in Planet of the Daleks? [Invisibility]
  5. Name the only complete story in the Doctor Who series in which the Doctor never appears? [Mission to the Unknown]
  6. In The Tomb of the Cybermen, the archaeologist Hayden was killed in a room containing a dummy Cyberman. What was the purpose of the room? [Pass (Weapons testing area)]
  7. Where was the renegade Time Lord Omega trapped in The Three Doctors? [In a black hole (World of antimatter) - the point was given]
  8. Jon Pertwee as the Doctor often travelled in a yellow car named Bessie. What was on the number plate? [WHO 1]
  9. Before joining the Doctor, what rank did Jamie hold in the Highland army at the Battle of Culloden Moor? [Piper]
  10. The longest Doctor Who story is twelve episodes long. What is its name? [The Daleks' Master Plan]
  11. In Revenge of the Cybermen, the Doctor, Sarah and Harry arrived at the Beacon without the TARDIS. How did they get there? [Time Ring]
  12. In The Curse of Peladon the Doctor bestowed a title on Jo. What was the title? [Princess of TARDIS]
  13. The Master appeared as a character, the Mad Monk, in earlier episodes. In what story did he appear as the Master? [Terror of the Autons]
  14. From which planet did the Ice Warriors come? [Mars]
  15. In Revenge of the Cybermen, what metal poisonous to the Cybermen existed in large quantities on the planet Voga? [Gold]
  16. In The Seeds of Death what was the function of the white foam- like fungus with which the Ice Warriors invaded Earth? [It takes away the oxygen]
  17. The second time the Doctor met the Tibetan Monk Padmasambhava was in The Abominable Snowmen adventure. How many years after their first meeting was this? [Three hundred]
  18. The Tenth Planet was notable for introducing the Cybermen and what other important event in the first Doctor's life? [His first regeneration]
  19. During The Invasion of Time the Doctor was elected President of the Time Lords' council. What was the name of the circlet he wore? [Pass (Matrix Terminal)]

Second Semi-final time! - Mastermind Experiences

This item appeared in TSV 8 (August 1988).