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Radio Times 10th Anniversary Special

Reviewed by Murray Jackson

This Radio Times Special was published by the BBC in 1973 and is very similar in format to the one published in 1983 to celebrate the twentieth year of Doctor Who. However, the 10th Anniversary Special is now very rare and apart from the copy I own I have seen very few others. It is a landmark piece of merchandise because apart from the annuals published by World Distributors it was one of the first pieces of literature published about the programme.

The cover featured the Doctor (then, Jon Pertwee) being followed by Daleks, a Sea Devil and a Cyberman. The inside cover had the opening titles from the 10th season laid out in photographic form.

The articles included a year by year record of stories with a preview of Pertwee's last season. A note of interest is that in this publication, ( by the BBC remember) the Hartnell stories were credited by their opening episode title instead of the collective story title. There were also several interviews with past and present stars of the series including all three Doctors.

Two things of great interest to fans are an original Dalek story by Terry Nation entitled We Are The Daleks! and a blue print on how to build a Dalek, not a cheap looking imitation, but a blow-by-blow account of how to make a full scale model.

The Special is illustrated and has many colour and black and white photographs, many of which I'd never seen before.

Altogether this magazine is a high-quality piece of work and a worthwhile addition to anyone's collection, unfortunately it would cost you in the vicinity of $30 - $40 to get one from collectors in England. Your best hope is to keep a look out in second-hand bookshops. You may find one if you're very lucky, as they were sold in New Zealand.

This item appeared in TSV 8 (August 1988).