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By Jon Preddle

New Zealand actors do occasionally appear in Doctor Who: Denis Lill (Image of the Fendahl, The Awakening), Ewen Solon (The Savages, Planet of Evil), Louise Pajo (The Seeds of Death), Ilona Rogers (The Sensorites). Conversely, Ian Marter appeared in Close to Home, an old New Zealand soap opera series. He preferred to deny playing the role, though!

Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker and Cohn Baker's ex-wives have all appeared in Doctor Who: Jean Marsh, once married to Pertwee, was Joanna in The Crusade, and briefly the Doctor's companion, Sara Kingdom, in The Dalek Master Plan. Lalla Ward, Tom Baker's wife for a time, was Princess Astra in The Armageddon Factor, and subsequently the second Romana. Liza Goddard, whom we now see on Smith & Brown advertisements, was Colin Baker's first wife, and appeared as Kari in Terminus.

While on the subject of TV ads, the Schweppesbury commercials feature Trevor Cooper as Doris, the Yokel, and the Barman, but Cooper has also been on Doctor Who, as Takis in Revelation of the Daleks, and most recently in Star Cops, another BBC Science-fiction production.

Due to the almost non-stop production schedule of Doctor Who during the Sixties, it was not uncommon for regular cast members to occasionally take holidays, and were thus written out of certain episodes. William Hartnell didn't appear in parts 3 and 4 of The Keys of Marinus, Carole Ann Ford (Susan) was seen only in filmed inserts for parts 2 and 3 of The Aztecs, Jacqueline Hill (Barbara) didn't appear in parts 4 and 5 of The Sensorites, William Russell (Ian) was absent for episode 3 of The Crusade, William Hartnell was again away for part 2 of The Reign of Terror and The Dalek Invasion of Earth part 4. All of the regular cast were absent from Mission to the Unknown, and Hartnell was yet again away during The Celestial Toymaker, appearing only in the last 5 minutes. Patrick Troughton was absent from part 2 of The Wheel in Space. Michael Craze (Ben) and Anneke Wills (Polly), were absent from all but parts 1, 2 and 6 of The Faceless Ones, making only short appearances in parts 2 and 6. Frazer Hines was away during part 3 of The Mind Robber due to illness. His place was taken by Hamish Wilson.

This item appeared in TSV 8 (August 1988).

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