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By Andrew Poulsen

Hi. Normally the editorial is one of the first things that gets written for TSV. This issue it's the last. So, I'll try to write quickly so you don't have to spend long reading it (Irish logic!).

As you've probably noticed, you received this issue (hopefully) around four weeks after the last one. This is because of an extreme effort by us to try to get us back on the bi-monthly schedule. Hopefully we'll succeed, and have TSV coming out regularly from now on.

Well, at least we'll give it our best shot!

You may notice several differences this issue. It's eight, yes, EIGHT, pages larger than TSV8, and we've still got lots of material for TSV10 (some of which will go in the 'zine). Now, that doesn't mean you're even allowed to think of not writing anything, it just means that TSV is getting larger and larger and larger...

This is very impressive for a NZ 'zine, where the usual attitude is " apathy rules". Needless to say, we're elated to have such a great group of people in our club. So, give yourself a big pat on the back, and then sit down and write something!

The second change is the cover, which I spent some time playing with. Hopefully you like it, I do. I would also like to apologise for anything that looks a strange this issue. We've tried a little bit of experimentation. Hopefully we should have everything looking brilliant for next issue. Please, bear with us.

Right, down to something more serious. The Questionnaire. Thanks to all who returned them. We received approximately a 60% return rate (so far!), so we're pleased. However, if you haven't sent in the Questionnaire you received with the last issue, could you please do so, as we're very interested in EVERYONE'S opinions.

Several Christchurch members are going to have a brain session soon to discuss what people have suggested in the Questionnaire, so we'll have some interesting news for you next issue.

Thanks to everyone who complimented Scott and I on the job we've done. It was greatly appreciated. As I commented on the form, it's very difficult to know if we're doing the right thing. If you have any more suggestions, please write and tell us. We really appreciate any constructive criticism anyone cares to throw at us.

At present. I don't know if I'll be editing TSV10. This is mainly due to 'Twenty-Five Years Of A Time Lord' which will be published in November. I could also use a small rest from TSV, this is a tiring business. So, if there is a guest editor for the next issue, I wish him well. If not, then I still wish the editor (me) well!

Please, spend some time writing about your feelings on the show for '25 Years', whether it's 1/2 a page, or several. We haven't received enough contributions yet, so we'd be grateful for more.

I would also like to apologise to everyone I haven't returned letters to - but with Night School, NASF, work, my girlfriend, and the club, I don't have much time left.

Of course, that's the sort of guy I am!

Enjoy this issue and write soon!
Andrew R. Poulsen

This item appeared in TSV 9 (October 1988).