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Doctor Who on Mastermind

As most of us know, recently Jon Preddle from Auckland appeared on Mastermind with his specialist subject being Doctor Who. This issue we have reproduced the questions from the semi-final. In the next issue we'll hopefully be printing Jon's feelings about his experiences on Mastermind.
Could you be the next Mastermind? Try yourself on the following questions.

SECOND SEMI-FINAL (17 July 1988)

  1. What is the Doctor's normal body temperature? [750 Degrees Fahrenheit (correct answer not given)]
  2. What part of Chang's act did Mister Sin perform in The Talons of Weng-Chiang? [Ventriloquist]
  3. In The Seeds of Doom what horticultural practices did Harrison Chase describe as mutilation and torture? [Eating plants (Trimming them - bonsai)]
  4. In Image of the Fendahl, the Doctor told Granny Tyler one of these is always found near haunted places. What is it? [Pass (A warp in time and space, or a time fissure)]
  5. To track the Master through time in The Time Monster the Doctor placed his TARDIS inside the Master's. Where was the Master's TARDIS? [Inside the Doctor's]
  6. Name the only natural place in the Universe listed in the TARDIS log as a dwelling of simplicity. [Castrovalva]
  7. What is the Traken Union famous for throughout the Universe? [Peace and simplicity]
  8. How did the Doctor describe his bowling while padding up for the Counties match in the Black Orchid adventure [Pass (As a fast seam bowler)]
  9. How many Time Lord Presidents have held control of the great key of Rassilon? [None (Two - Rassilon and the Doctor)]
  10. How much money did Polly and Kirsty take from Lieutenant Algernon Ffinch in The Highlanders? [Pass (20 Guineas)]
  11. What did the confidence trickster Garron sell which forced him to leave Earth hurriedly in The Ribos Operation? [Sydney Opera House (Sydney Harbour Bridge)]
  12. In order to gain entry to the Panorama Chemical Plant in The Green Death, how did the Doctor disguise himself? [As a milkman]
  13. Besides sounding an alarm, how does the alarm on the Doctor's car Bessie work? [Pass (Made would-be thieves stick to the car)]
  14. Following the disbanding of UNIT, what occupation did Sergeant Benton take up? [Used Car Salesman]
  15. Which was the first Doctor Who story to be written by Douglas Adams, who went on to become famous for The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy? [The Pirate Planet]
  16. In Mawdryn Undead the Brigadier had become a master at Brendon School. What subject did he teach? [Maths]
  17. How did Tom Baker sustain the injury which forced a rapid rewrite of The Ribos Operation script? [A dog bit his lip]
  18. When the Time Lord High Council voted on the Doctor's execution in the Arc of Infinity, there was one dissenter. Who was it? [Councillor Hedin]

Heat Seven - Mastermind Experiences

This item appeared in TSV 9 (October 1988).