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Memories and Experiences

By Nigel Flockhart

If you asked me about my earlier memories of Doctor Who you would run into a slight problem. You see I was one of those children who used to watch from behind the sofa or from the next room. The few parts I do remember include things called Yeti Men which had web guns and looked like lizards. When I later became a fan, I was able to see that I had my wires crossed between The Web of Fear and The Sea Devils.

I remember a few snippets of Tom Baker stories, but nothing concrete. I watched parts of Season 18 but didn't really get into it until 1981. In that year I read my first Doctor Who book and was hooked. I remember Logopolis well, though I also remember TVNZ playing that story only, and then nothing, something I still haven't figured out.

From Castrovalva I never missed an episode until Mawdryn Undead, when Season 20 suddenly stopped for some unknown reason that I'm sure we're all trying to figure out!

Then TVNZ did something right! They replayed old episodes starting with The Mind Robber (remember the Doctor saying "No, no, I must fight!"). I was overjoyed! All the classic shows that I had been terrified of as a child, I could relive as a teenager and a fan.

That brings us up to date with Season 19 screening at present. Then it's only repeats until around 20 December when we should see Terminus for the first time on New Zealand TV. The Fifth Doctor's time should end around the end of April 1989 and then I will finally be able to see Colin Baker as the Doctor, rather than just as Maxil in Arc of Infinity (No, I'm not joking!) And then, if nothing interferes with the process and if I keep all my fingers crossed, I (and perhaps many others) will see Sylvester McCoy as the Doctor around the end of next year. Late next year we will be up to date and should see Doctor Who that is six months old rather than six years old!!


Some of my favourite memories of Doctor Who have been the flip lines, that just appear, and really floor you. Some examples are:

In the fourth episode of The Deadly Assassin, I just love the verbal slinging match between the Doctor and the Master, including...
"Who else but you Doctor, so despicably good, so insufferably compassionate!"

Also from that season, in episode six of The Talons of Weng-Chiang, the Doctor's right in there with...
"Very impressive, I'll have the birds nest soup!" because he knows Greel doesn't appreciate frivolity.

Another of the Master's superb lines is from episode six of The Sea Devils... "Ah, Doctor, let me be the first to congratulate you on your help in the return of this planet to it's rightful owners!"

This item appeared in TSV 9 (October 1988).