By Graham Muir

Well, this is certainly a surprise and quite flattering. A book... A whole book reprinting all the TARDIS Tales comic strips I did between 1988 and 1993. A surprise because I never realised how popular the strip has become, and flattering because I've never been overly enthusiastic about my work. I find it extremely simplistic - but everyone else seems to love it!

I'm certainly proud of the fact that TARDIS Tales has become a distinctive part of New Zealand Doctor Who fandom. Perhaps Saucer should have been a kiwi rather than a rooster? Anyway, read on and enjoy the stories. Some (in my opinion) aren't that hot, whilst others I'm very proud of - but judge for yourself ... and if you don't like it you can always give the collection to some youngster as a colouring book!

Graham Muir
May 1993


This is a chance to say ‘thanks’ to all the following people who have encouraged me over the years:

My parents, Paul, Ann, Linda, Kirsty Stringer, Andrew Poulsen, Scott Walker and all the rest in the Christchurch incarnation of the Club, Craig Young, Andrew Gorman (where are you now, Andrew?), Phillip J. Gray, Jeff Stone, Chris Mahoney, Paul and Felicity Scoones, Jon Preddle and all of the Auckland incarnation of the Club, Richard Hastie, David 'Moggy' Morgan (two of my critics), Mark Corben and Shelli McGregor (over there in Aus.), David Lister (no, not from Red Dwarf), Wayne Connelly, David Bird, David Kenny (my old school-mates), and a very special thanks to my mate Chris Tod for not contributing anything to this collection!

To everyone else whom I've met (and forgotten), who have given me ideas, words of praise, words of criticism, and to everyone who have just enjoyed the tales... I say


To Kirsty, my best friend and to my family who have had to put up with both Doctor Who and Saucer over all these years.

This item appeared in The Tardis Tales Collection (May 1993).