The TSV Online Archive - An Introduction

By Paul Scoones

TSV was around for almost a decade before the Internet came into popular use. This New Zealand-based Doctor Who fanzine has always been firmly rooted in the printed paper medium. In recent years, as fans have embraced the Internet as a forum for publishing their writings, TSV has gained a reputation as one of only a small number of quality Doctor Who fanzines still being produced on paper in the world today.

While we're understandably keen to preserve this distinction, we're also not going to ignore the opportunities provided by the Internet to showcase TSV. All but the most recent issues are now out of print and inaccessible to most readers. Even the National Library of New Zealand (where each new issue is deposited) only has copies going back as far as 1998. So that TSV's rich back catalogue isn't denied to its current readership, we've embarked on a project to archive these old issues online. In time, you should be able to click on any out of print issue and select from a linked table of contents to read the writings and view the artwork from issues going right back to the beginning!

The project is slow and takes a lot of preparation time, so we're gradually expanding the archive, issue by issue. Although some issues have always existed as computer files, others have been lost or were only ever produced on a typewriter. In these cases, it has been necessary to bring out the original print masters and painstakingly scan each individual page using high-resolution optical character recognition software.

Although the paper originals have been stored in sealed plastic bags away from the light the degree of depreciation is alarming. The earliest issues were held together with sticky tape that has long since perished, leaving behind dark yellow stains wherever it came into contact with the paper, and black felt pen link has leached to stain adjacent pages. This serves to highlight the importance of archiving the TSV back catalogue on computer and also online. It is partly for this reason that we've started this project by covering the oldest (and worst affected) issues.

We are being selective with what appears online. News items, advertisements and event information has all been disregarded. Reproduced photos from other sources (less common now than in TSV's early days) have also been omitted. Earlier versions of articles that later reappeared in a revised form are not included (notably guides to New Zealand TV screenings and the BBC archives holdings - both of these subjects have been covered in several revisions in TSV).

The wishes of the original contributors are of course also respected. In some cases where a writer or artist has asked that we not reprint something of theirs that appeared in TSV, we have omitted these pieces from the online archive. However we've not been able to re-contact every person who has contributed to TSV over the years so any past contributors reading this are invited to get in touch with me.

The items are much as they originally appeared. The layout's different of course, but the writing remains the same. I've performed only the bare minimum of tidying up of spelling, punctuation and grammar. Where an item has been more extensively revised, this will be noted.

Welcome to the TSV Archive. Please come back often to dip into TSV's past history. We'll be adding issues periodically until the collection is as complete as we can make it, so keep checking back for the latest additions!