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The Best of TSV 1-20

May 1993

The Best of TSV 1-20
Published May 1993

Paul Scoones
Printed by
NZ Typewriters
Front cover art
Warwick Gray
Back cover art
Alistair Hughes

3.Introduction Paul Scoones
6.Roger Delgado [Biography] Paul Sinkovich
9.Gerry Davis [Interview] Paul Scoones
11.Meanwhile, Back on Skaro [Cartoon] Warwick Gray
12.A Continuity Dilemma Jon Preddle
15.Telecom Decision Zaps Dr Who - The Inside Story Peter Coleman
18.The Massacre Missing sequence Jon Preddle
21.Davros Second Hand Daleks [Cartoon] Murray Jackson
21.The Doctor and the Master play chess [Cartoon] Murray Jackson
21.The TARDIS changes its appearance [Cartoon] Murray Jackson
22.Dalek survival on Earth [Cartoon] Murray Jackson
22.New Cyber-doll Action Figure [Cartoon] Murray Jackson
23.Another Year of JNT [Cartoon] Murray Jackson
23.A Sontaran relates the spoils of their Earth conquests [Cartoon] Murray Jackson
23.K9 makes a mess [Cartoon] Murray Jackson
24.A Question of Celery Paul Scoones
26.Ilona Rogers [Interview] Kingi Milward
30.Reversing the Polarity of the Neutrons Nicholas Smeaton
31.Who Will Be The Doctor's Next Companion [Cartoon] Warwick Gray
32.Flashbacks in Doctor Who Alistair Hughes, Pat Albertson
36.Should the Eighth Doctor be a Woman Craig Young
37.So Long and thanks for all the jelly babies [Cartoon] Murray Cramp
38.Kinda: Before the Edit Paul Scoones
42.Michael Keating - Interview Extracts
43.The Resurrection Test [Comic Strip] Warwick Gray
51.Mark Ayres [Interview] David Bishop