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Flashback Vol.1

February 1991

Flashback Vol.1
Published February 1991

Paul Scoones
Printed by
NZ Typewriters
Front cover art
Paul Scoones

2.Editorial Paul Scoones
3.TSV 1 cover
4.Time/Space Visualiser Volume One Collectors' Guide
8.Visualisation! Paul Scoones
15.Time/Space Visualiser - My Part in it's Creation Paul Sinkovich
16.The Man Who Might Have Been Editor Jon Preddle
17.One of the Regulars Michael Mayo
17.The Man Who Did Become Editor Andrew Poulsen
18.Patrick Troughton Tribute [Obituary] Paul Sinkovich
20.Malcolm Hulke Michael Mayo
24.What the Papers Said Paul Scoones
30.Telecom Decision Zaps Dr Who - The Inside Story Peter Coleman
33.The Trial of a Time Lord Mel-o-drama Jon Preddle
36.Gerry Davis [Interview] Paul Scoones
39.Cyberman History Jon Preddle
42.Roger Delgado [Biography] Paul Sinkovich
44.The Ballad of Fang Rock [Fiction] Wilfred Gibson
45.The Hinchcliffe Years Murray Jackson