Doctor Who and Shada

By Paul Scoones

Based on the BBC television serial by Douglas Adams

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The Doctor and Romana visit Professor Chronotis, a retired Time Lord living at Cambridge University. The Professor wants to return an ancient and very powerful book to Gallifrey - but the book has gone missing.

Skagra, an evil scientist, steals the book and the Professor's mind - and also takes Romana and the TARDIS.

In order to stop Skagra, the Doctor must discover the secrets of a notorious Time Lord criminal, and a long forgotten prison called Shada...

A TSV Book
Cover artwork by Alistair Hughes
Published by the New Zealand
Doctor Who Fan Club, 2006

Print editions: Doctor Who - Shada by Paul Scoones & Jonathan Preddle (first edition) JPS Books, March 1989; Doctor Who - Shada by Paul Scoones (second edition) TSV Books, October 1991; Doctor Who and Shada by Paul Scoones (third edition) TSV Books, October 2001.

Original script copyright © Douglas Adams 1979
Novelisation copyright © Paul Scoones 2006
Doctor Who copyright © British Broadcasting Corporation 1979, 2006

This is an unofficial and unauthorised fan publication. No profits have been derived from this book. No attempt has been made to supersede the copyrights held by the BBC or any other persons or organisations. Reproduction of the text of this e-book for resale or distribution is prohibited.

Respectfully dedicated to the memory of Douglas Adams and Graham Williams


1. Professor Chronotis
2. The Worshipful and Ancient Law of Gallifrey
3. In Search of the Book
4. The Sphere
5. Skagra
6. Dead Man
7. The Krargs
8. Think Tank
9. Skagra's Plan
10. Shada
11. Into the Vortex
12. Battle of the Minds


Novelising Shada
Author's Notes
Covers Gallery
Dirk Gently's Shada
The Making of Shada (from TSV 26)

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