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Doctor Who 2006 Promotion

Promotional material produced by Prime TV for the 2006 season of Doctor Who! Screening on Prime at 7:30pm on Thursdays!

EpisodeFirst Run
The Christmas Invasion06/07/2006
New Earth13/07/2006
Tooth and Claw20/07/2006
School Reunion27/07/2006
The Girl in the Fireplace03/08/2006
The Rise of the Cybermen10/08/2006
The Age of Steel17/08/2006
The Idiot's Lantern24/08/2006
The Impossible Planet31/08/2006
The Satan Pit07/09/2006
Love and Monsters14/09/2006
Fear Her21/09/2006
Army of Ghosts28/09/2006
The Doctor and Rose

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