[Timestreams 1]
Timestreams 1
Aug 1990
[Timestreams 2]
Timestreams 2
Apr 1991
[Timestreams 3]
Timestreams 3
Aug 1991
[Timestreams 4]
Timestreams 4
Apr 1992
[Timestreams 5]
Timestreams 5
Aug 1995

When TSV's editors became overwhelmed with the influx of fan fiction in 1990, Paul Scoones devised Timestreams, a companion publication to TSV that would only feature fiction. The first issue was included in readers' TSV subscriptions to plug the long gap between TSV 19 and 20, but subsequent issues were only available to purchase via mail-order. Paul Scoones edited the first two issues and Chris Mander edited issues 3 and 4. Declining sales of Timestreams and a lack of fiction contributions were responsible for the three-year delay between issues 4 and 5. The fifth (and to date last) issue was edited by Felicity Fletcher and Matthew Dentith.