TSV 26

December 1991

TSV 26
Published December 1991

Paul Scoones & Felicity Fletcher
Chris Mander
Printed by
New Zealand Typewriters Ltd
Front cover art
Warwick Gray
Back cover art
Felicity Fletcher


This was a bumper Christmas issue that, at the time, was the longest TSV issue, but almost every issue since this issue has been even longer! Chris Mander published the result of his year-long research into seven New Zealand Doctor Who fanzines other than TSV. Cover artist and comics fan Warwick Gray (writing as 'Ricky W. Argaw') contributed an article on the comic strip influences of the series. Paul Scoones wrote a detailed article on the making of Shada, and another on the continuity of the Pertwee story Inferno.





Reviews: Books

Reviews: Television

Event Reports


Print contents

2....And a Dalek in a pear tree [Cartoon] Sharon Ann Campbell
3.Editorial Paul Scoones, Felicity Fletcher
4.The New Zealand Doctor Who Fan Club [News]
5.Update [News]
7.Land of Fiction [News] Paul Scoones
8.Fanzines Received [Fanzine Review] Paul Scoones
9.Galactic Junkmail
10.The Leisure Hive [News]
13.The Space-Time Telegraph [Letters]
Graham Howard, Morgan Davie, Jeff Stone, Chris Mahoney, Ehren Stowers, David Lawrence, Ian Bisset, Fleur Hardman, Anne Sugden, Phillip J Gray, Micheal Dwyer, Michael Kinraid, Craig Young, Murray Jackson
18.The Terrestrial Index [Book Review] Paul Scoones
18.Time Lord [Book Review] Paul Scoones
18.Timewyrm: Revelation [Book Review] Paul Scoones
19.Timewyrm: Apocalypse [Book Review] Felicity Fletcher
19.The Pescations [Book Review] Jon Preddle
20.Timewyrm: Exodus [Book Review] Phillip J. Gray
21.Timewyrm: Exodus [Book Review] Graham Howard
21.Timewyrm: Exodus [Book Review] Fleur Hardman
21.Timewyrm: Exodus [Book Review] David Lawrence
21.The Gallifrey Chronicles [Book Review] RH Cotwood (Jon Preddle)
22.The Ambassadors of Death [Television Review] Jeff Stone
23.1992 TSV Specials Preview
24.NovaCon '91 [Event Report] Jon Preddle
26.Discovering Who - Confessions of a Doctor Who Fan [Regular] Murray Cramp
27.Loads of New Zealand Fanzines! Chris Mander
33.The Comic Connection Ricky W. Argaw (Warwick Gray)
37.Murder at Midnight [Fiction] Jeff Stone
40.The Space Museum [Regular]
44.Doctor Who in Advertising II Jon Preddle
46.Terrance Dicks: A Re-evaluation [Opinion] Phillip J. Gray
47.All You Ever Wanted To Know About Shada - But Were Afraid To Ask Paul Scoones
60.Tardis Tales: At The Beeb! [Cartoon] Graham Muir
62.Doctor's Dilemma [Regular] Jon Preddle
62.The Extinction of the Dinosaurs [Cartoon] Adapted by Chris Mander
64.Graveyard: Bad Luck and Empty Pockets Adam Moffitt
65.Inside DoctorCon II/1992 Ian Bisset
66.Story File: Inferno [Regular] Felicity Fletcher
68.Story File: Terror of the Autons [Regular] Paul Scoones
70.Season 27?! RH Cotwood
70.The Message [Fiction] Donald Peathe Jnr (Jon Preddle)
72.Companion Comparisons Felicity Fletcher
74.Project Inferno Paul Scoones
77.Target Episode Guide [Regular] Jon Preddle

Artwork by: Warwick Gray, Rochelle Thickpenny, David Ronayne, Ehren Stowers, Micheal Dwyer, Felicity Fletcher (View thumbnails)