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Points of Trivia: The Mind of Evil

By Paul Scoones

The Passage of Time

Day One: 'Today's the first ever World Peace Conference,' says Jo. It is also the day that UNIT is charged with the transportation of the Thunderbolt missile, and the day that the Keller Process is demonstrated for the first time at Stangmoor Prison. The Chinese Delegate is murdered by Captain Chin Lee sometime between when she entered the delegate's suite at precisely 12 noon, and 12:14, when she phoned the Brigadier to report the death. Mike Yates orders the convoy transport for 'tomorrow'. Mailer takes over Stangmoor Prison in the afternoon, and retains control through the night. Chin Lee attempts to kill the American Delegate, Senator Alcott, in the evening, after dinner.

Day Two: The Doctor wakes the Brigadier, who has been dozing at his desk apparently all night. He interrogates Chin Lee. Mike Yates picks up his escort at 07:00 hours and rendezvous with the missile transport at 08:15. He encounters difficulties with getting the convoy ready, delaying his plans. He calls the Brigadier with this news, informing him that he hopes to be back on schedule by the middle of the following day by driving through the night. Jo foils Mailer's takeover of Stangmoor, but soon the Master takes control. The Doctor arrives at the prison and after almost dying under the influence of the Keller Machine, is put in a cell with Jo, and is in a coma during the night. During the night, Mailer suggests to the Master that they escape before daybreak, but the Time Lord disagrees, and instead tells him about his plans to hijack the thunderbolt missile. The missile convoy drives through the night...

Day Three: The missile convoy is hijacked. The Doctor regains consciousness and he and Jo escape from their cell after throwing their breakfast at the guard. The Doctor ends up helping the Master to control the Mind Parasite. UNIT plan their assault on Stangmoor. The Doctor and Jo are locked back up in their cell for the night. Jo complains about not having had anything to eat since breakfast, and the Doctor tells Jo about Raleigh and the Tower of London.

Day Four: UNIT makes what appears to be a dawn raid on Stangmoor. The Brigadier greets the man at the gate with 'Morning.' The missile and the Mind Parasite are destroyed.

The Time of Year: The only indication given, apart from the abundance of leaves in the park (suggesting autumn), is that it is apparently some time until the end of the year, as Mailer says 'and so is Christmas!' - a complaint at how long his food is taking to arrive.


Doctor Kettering hasn't heard of UNIT. The organisation was formed 'to deal with new and unusual menaces to mankind', according to the Doctor. It is clearly some time since UNIT last dealt with the Master as the Brigadier does not immediately remember him.

UNIT Call-Signs are as follows: 'Jupiter' is UNIT HQ; 'Venus' is Mike Yates when in charge of the missile convoy; 'Windmill 347' is the Brigadier's helicopter; 'Trap One' is UNIT's Mobile Control; 'Greyhound Seven' is a surveillance post watching the prison and 'Greyhound' is the Brigadier, when commanding the prison raid. (In the novelisation Mike Yates is 'Trap One', and Major Cosgrove is 'Trap Four').

The Doctor

'I am a scientist, and have been for many thousand -' says the Doctor before he stops. The implication is that the next word would have been 'years'. He incapacitates Mike Yates momentarily, and explains that he used 'Venusian Karate' - which could be the first mention of it in the series. We learn more about Time Lord biology when it is revealed that if one of the Doctor's hearts were to stop beating, he would die; and the Doctor tells Jo that he has the 'wrong metabolism' for the medicine she tries to give him, explaining that 'It would probably kill me.' The Doctor says 'sometime ago I witnessed a terrible catastrophe. A whole world disappeared in flames.' He is almost certainly referring to the events of Inferno (especially since Don Houghton wrote both stories).

The Doctor tells Jo a story about how he once shared a cell with Walter Raleigh in the Tower of London during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. This was probably about 1592, the time of an incident in which Raleigh lost the Queen's favour and was disgraced for seducing a lady in waiting. He was later imprisoned in the Tower for thirteen years during the reign of James I.

In reference to the Chinese Hokkein dialect, the Doctor says 'It's many years since I've had a chance to use it' - but he is still very fluent in it. He is less familiar with the Cantonese dialect. He used Hokkein with Mao Tse-tung (in the novelisation the Doctor says the it was on the Long March (1934-35), a journey made by Chinese communists). The Chinese delegate Fu Peng refers to Mao's name in the present tense (Mao Tse-tung died in 1976). Fu Peng invites the Doctor to dine with him - but does he ever do so?

The Keller Machine

'Something's been worrying me about this Keller Process ever since I first heard of it,' says the Doctor, and Governor Camfield says 'There's been nothing but trouble since that machine was installed.' The Keller Machine has been installed 'nearly a year' - Emil Keller (the Master) came over from Switzerland with Chin Lee, whom he met at an embassy reception, to do it, but it hasn't been used in all this time. There were 112 cases in Switzerland, and Barnham is the 113th, the first case to be processed at Stangmoor. The machine seems to affect its victims physically as well as mentally - Arthur Linwood, who had a fear of rats, has bites and scratches on him, and Doctor Kettering's lungs are full of water in a perfectly dry room; but the Doctor is apparently unharmed by the fire he experiences, although the coil rigged up by him catches fire when he tries to place it over the machine. The Mind Parasite creature is clearly just one of an entire race, as the Doctor is already familiar with them. He describes it as the 'deadliest threat to Mankind since the beginning of time.'

This item appeared in TSV 30 (September 1992).

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