TSV 33

April 1993

TSV 33
Published April 1993

Paul Scoones
Art Editor
Felicity Scoones
Staff Contributors
Alden Bates, Graham Howard, Jon Preddle
Computer Laser Printing
Chris Mander
NZ Typewriters
Front cover art
Neil Lambess
Back cover art
Kerrin Jones


This was the last issue on which Chris Mander served as assistant editor. The lead article by David Ronayne examined the links between Doctor Who and Quatermass, inspired by the recent Nightshade novel. Graham Howard critiqued Resurrection of the Daleks, and Alden Bates wrote and drew the six page comic strip Nedla Quest, in addition to his then regular submissions of text fiction and articles.





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Print contents

3.Editorial Paul Scoones
4.Club News [News]
5.Update [News]
7.In Print [News]
10.The Leisure Hive [News] Paul Scoones
10.Out 2 Lunch - Back in 5 Min [Cartoon] David Ronayne
11.Seventh Doctor in hand [Cartoon] Rochelle Thickpenny
12."The Mutants" [Cartoon] David Ronayne
13.Pen Pals
13."The Mutants (AKA The Daleks)" [Cartoon] David Ronayne
14.Galactic Junkmail
14.TARDIS garage sale [Cartoon] Rochelle Thickpenny
15.The Space-Time Telegraph [Letters]
Ken Tod, Mike Mather, Warwick Gray, Leigh Hendry, David Ronayne, Alden Bates, Jesica Smiler, Morgan Davie, Ehren Stowers, Jeff Stone, Aden Shillito, Matthew Morris, Matthew Pavletich, David Lawrence
20.The Daemons [Preview] Graham Howard
22.The Time Meddler [Preview] Graham Howard
23.Doctor Who - The Monsters [Book Review] Paul Scoones
23.Doctor Who - The Sixties [Book Review] Jeff Stone
24."The Death of Time" [Cartoon] Bevan Thomas
24.The Universal Databank [Book Review] Jon Preddle
25.Nightshade [Book Review] Jessica Smiler
25.Nightshade [Book Review] Graham Howard
25.Transit [Book Review] Jon Preddle
26.Doctor Who Magazine 197 [Magazine Review] Jon Preddle
26.Doctor Who Magazine 198 [Magazine Review] Paul Scoones
26.Classic Comics 6 [Magazine Review] Paul Scoones
27.The Frame 23,24 [Magazine Review] Paul Scoones
27.Dark Circus 12,13 [Magazine Review] Paul Scoones
28.Doctor Who - City of Death [Book Review] Leigh Hendry
28.The Claws of Axos [Television Review] Alden Bates
29.The Claws of Axos [Television Review] Terry Shore
30.The Quatermass Effect David Ronayne
33.Discovering Who [Regular] Ken Tod
34.Resurrection of the Daleks Graham Howard
37.Confessions of a Necrophiliac [Opinion] Kate Orman
38.Discovering Who [Regular] Ian Davies
38.Scrapbook [Regular] Murray Jackson
40.The Novelisations Paul Scoones
44.Who-oops! take three [Regular]
45.Time is Breaking Through [Fiction] Phillip J. Gray
46.H-K Small Unit Class Daleks David Ronayne
48.The Bible According to Doctor Who Gerald Joblin
50.The Shada Debate Paul Scoones (compiler)
51.Colouring in the Daemons Nigel Windsor, Paul Scoones
53.Nedla Quest - The Beginning [Comic Strip] Alden Bates
59.The Space Museum [Regular]
64.The Doctor and Norse Mythology Leigh Hendry
68.Gallifreyan Bubble Theory Alden Bates
70.Discovering Who [Regular] David Hamilton
70.Dr Hoo: Tomb of the Cybermen [Cartoon] Alden Bates
71.Valeyard [Fiction] Alden Bates
74.Who's Who in the Prisoner Jeff Stone
76.Time Lord Game Additions - Vortis [Regular] Justin Reynolds
83.A Comparison of the Caves of Androzani and Genesis of the Daleks [Opinion] Andrew Cook
83.What's Really Inside a Cyberman [Cartoon] Alden Bates
84.TSV 183 Alden Bates
85.The Box [Fiction] David Ronayne
89.Yeah right! As if that would happen! [Cartoon] Teri Ronayne
90.A Pleasant Open Face - Writing, the Terrance Dicks Way Thomas Whitby

Artwork by: Neil Lambess, David Ronayne, Brent White, Roderick Hannah, Trent Young, Justin Reynolds, Kerrin Jones (View thumbnails)