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Time Lord Game Additions

By Justin Reynolds

The Nimon

The Nimon are rapacious intergalactic nomads, who destroyed their own planet long ago. They care nothing for conservation of life or resources, only the survival of their race. A planet taken over by the Nimon is reduced to a barren wasteland in only a few years, with all sources of food and energy totally depleted. When they have nothing more to take from a planet, they migrate en masse to a new world. They call this 'the Great Journey of Life'.

Unlike the majority of alien invaders, the Nimon have no taste for actual war. Instead they prefer to take over planets by trickery. Their favourite tactic is to send a lone Nimon to a weak planet. This Nimon claims to be the last of its kind, and offers its advanced technology in return for a small tribute. With the help of its victims, the Nimon builds a giant Power Complex which is supposed to supply the planet with unlimited energy. The real purpose of the complex is to create a hyperspace gateway to bring the rest of the Nimon to their new world. By the time the victims realise what is going on, the Nimon have taken over the planet.

Nimon sustain themselves by feeding off the binding energy of organic compounds. They prefer to drain the life from intelligent beings, but can consume virtually any plant or animal. This process reduces the victim to a dried out husk. The Nimon never maintain viable populations of their planets' life forms, so they can renew themselves and provide an inexhaustible food supply. Instead the Nimon slowly work their way across a planet destroying everything in their path, not leaving even a blade of grass intact. When the life on a planet is nearly wiped out, they begin to look for a new home.

The Nimon are black-skinned humanoids with giant, bull-like heads. They have large red eyes, and straight yellowish horns at the tops of their heads. Just below the horns are small ears. Their snouts have merged with their necks as a result of their evolution into bipeds. They no longer need large mouths, as they drain life energy via their horns. This energy is stored in special cells which make up the bulk of their heads. Nimon wear only a kind of coppery split skirt, and speak in powerful, rumbling voices.

The Nimon are able to generate an extraordinarily high level of psychic energy. This energy can be converted into deadly beams focused by the Nimon's homs. The psychic beams cause 7 Wounds at maximum strength, but can also be used to stun for 3 Wounds. The Nimon have no use for other weapons for themselves, but give their servants staffs which can fire blasts that inflict 4 Wounds.

The hide of a Nimon is extremely tough, giving it full Armour 6.

The Nimon have no particular weaknesses, other than their relatively slow reactions and movement.

[Nimon Game Sheet]


The Kraals are a ruthless, violent species from the planet Oseidon. Fortunately for the rest of the galaxy, they have spent much of their existence fighting against each other. Most of them have been wiped out by terrible nuclear wars that have devastated their home planet Oseidon is fast becoming uninhabitable even for the Kraals, and the survivors' primary goal is to conquer another planet that they can live on. The urgency of their problem has forced the Kraals to work together, though there is still a lot of tension amongst them.

Despite the importance Kraals place on war, scientists have the most authority in their society. They realise that the new weapons and strategies created by scientists are far more important than mere soldiers, though the military harbours some resentment about this. The Kraals are lead by the Chief Scientist, under whom a Marshal commands the military.

Kraal technology is highly advanced, particularly in the field of robotics. Because there are so few Kraals left, they use large numbers of sophisticated androids. Most androids are obvious machines, but when necessary they can be made to impersonate people exactly, even down to personality. The Kraals also have a fleet of space cruisers, which cross interstellar space through space-time warps. They do not yet have time travel capability, but are dangerously close to discovering it Other areas in which they are strong include biological weapons and brain analysis machines which can extract all the memories from a person's mind.

Kraals are large, powerfully built humanoids. They boastfully claim to be the strongest species in the galaxy. Their wrinkled skin is a sickly yellowish green, and they have small, close set red eyes. Their heads are large and craggy, with bulging ears and faces reminiscent of bulldogs. They speak in deep, slightly gurgling voices. Kraal uniforms consist of dark jump suits covered by surcoats of metallic mesh.

Kraals carry neutron blasters that inflict 6 Wounds when set to kill, or 3 Wounds on stun. However, their main weapons are androids. The androids may be treated as Robots with Strength 6 and Control 3. Standard androids have blasters built into their fingers. Duplicates have the same Size, Weight, and Move as the people they are based on, and can be programmed with any skills required. When necessary they can behave just like the real person, but usually they act like the machines that they are.

Kraal uniforms provide them with full Armour 3.

Individual Kraals have no particular weaknesses, but the race as a whole is threatened by their dwindling numbers and internal strife. They will soon be forced to abandon their home planet, which will leave them with limited resources.

[Kraal Game Sheet]

This item appeared in TSV 37 (January 1994).

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