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The following bloopers come from the 1970s era of the show, and were sent in by Matthew Akersten, Jeff Stone, Jamas Enright, Nick Cooper, and David Ronayne. Some are from Daniel O'Malley's bulletin board listing.


The Ambassadors of Death
[Episode 1] When Cornish switches off his video link to Taltalian, the screen retracts into the console, but the image stays in midair for several seconds!
[Episode 1] In the scene where Van Lyden announces he is 'beginning rotation now', the image of the cockpit appears on the Space Control monitor, rotating 180 degrees, but since the camera is inside the cockpit the image shouldn't move at all.
[Episode 1] In the Doctor's workshop, a sign displays Megavolts as 'Meggavolts'.
The Claws of Axos
[Episode One] In the scene where the Axons attack Yates and Benton in the UNIT jeep, one of the Axons explodes before the jeep does.
Colony in Space
[Episode Two] The Doctor is taken to the IMC ship and is interrogated by Caldwell. In the long shots the monitor in the background has an image of the planet, but in the close-ups all that can be seen is the blue screen.
The Sea Devils
[Episode Three] The Sea Devils cause the sub to crash to the sea floor. We see a shot of the crew being thrown around as the sub impacts before the shot of the model sub actually hitting the sea bed!
Frontier in Space
[Episode Four] The wires holding up the Doctor during his space walk are visible.
Death to the Daleks
[Part Three] The wires holding up the 'snake' in the pond sequence are clearly visible.
[Part Four] When the bomb is attached to the beacon by Hamilton and Galloway, the beacon wobbles as the cylinder is attached!
Pyramids of Mars
Throughout the entire story, Marcus Scarman's tie changes design. In some scenes the stripes on the knot are left-to-right, in others right-to-left.
The Android Invasion
[Part One] The Doctor and Sarah take cover behind the 'meteorite' when being shot at by the mechanics. When they run out from behind it a tarpaulin can be seen spread on the ground - obviously placed there to stop the actors from getting muddy.
The Armageddon Factor
[Part Six] When the Shadow is about to enter the TARDIS, the Muto accompanying him kicks up the 'carpet' covering the studio floor. The carpet sits on his foot for a while then it flips back again when he moves away.


Doctor Who and the Armageddon Factor
On page 24, the Marshall of Atrios introduces himself to the Doctor and Romana as 'The Marshall of Zeos'. (It's a wonder he wasn't shot as a spy!)

This item appeared in TSV 37 (January 1994).

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