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Ghost Light

Video review by Stuart Brown

Ghost Light is weird but it does have it all: a Neanderthal butler, a strange being of immense power, a space ship in the basement and an obsession with Java. The characters are interesting - in particular Nimrod, Gwendoline, Mrs Pritchard, Josiah, Redvers and Control - in. other words just about everyone in the story! The only character I didn't think terribly much of was Light even though the story more or less revolved around him. However the on-screen chemistry between the Doctor and Ace is at an all time high.

The evolution aspect was very well done with Josiah aspiring to be a Victorian gentleman and Control's attempts to be a 'ladylike'. Josiah's husks added interest to this concept.

Other touches which add to the story include Ace's flashback to the firebombing of Manisha's house, the Doctor presenting Nimrod with the tooth of a cave bear, and the revitalisation of the animals and insects.

The effects are generally good, especially when Gwendoline and Mrs Pritchard are turned to stone. The lighting adds to the thought-provoking atmosphere.

Overall this is an excellent story which deserves every bit of praise it gets. One of McCoy's best, perhaps because it was the last to be filmed. Ghost Light makes one truly wonder why Doctor Who was discontinued.

This item appeared in TSV 39 (May 1994).

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