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By Gary Russell

Book review by Felicity Scoones

Legacy is a well written novel full of crime and intrigue. There is a long and gradual build-up, then suddenly the reader is plunged into the middle of the action, and the plot races along for the rest of the book.

Ace spends most of the book undertaking a mission for the Doctor and doesn't feature a great deal in the story. However her portrayal achieves a consistency with both the TV series and the novels in that her relationship with the Doctor is one of mutual liking and trust but she retains the commando proficiency gained in the books. Benny features quite a lot in Legacy but there is no real central protagonist.

One of the most interesting and credible characters in the book is a well respected, gutsy news reporter called Keri who belongs to a species resembling giant rats. Watch for her trademark 'Yeah'.

The Ice Warriors, Savaar, Sskeet and to a lesser extent Hissel, are particularly well depicted. They are seen almost entirely through the eyes of the other, frequently hostile, characters, although Benny, with her special interest in the species, presents a sometimes curious, sometimes sympathetic perspective. The Ice Warriors' response to the conflict and the question of their underlying motivation are two of the key points of the book.

All the minor characters are well handled with individual personalities; they are easily distinguished from each other rather than just being a jumble of names. The background is one of the strengths of the book. It is richly textured and thoroughly integrated. Continuity references to both the TV series and the New Adventures appear from time to time. These are not intrusive, serving primarily to fix the story firmly within the Doctor Who universe.

Legacy is a very enjoyable book. Although it is written by a first time author, DWM editor Gary Russell's experience in writing is evident and the result is a polished novel with everything falling into place. I recommend it.

This item appeared in TSV 39 (May 1994).

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