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Submissions provided by Jon Preddle, Jeff Stone, Jonathan Park, Simon Granville and Paul Scoones.

The Aztecs [The Warriors of Death]
The camera hits the altar stone in one scene.
The Dalek Invasion of Earth [Day of Reckoning]
During the sequences in the transport museum, the shadow of the boom mike can be seen cast against the side of the van.
The Dalek Invasion of Earth [Flashpoint]
The boom mike shadow makes a reappearance cast against the side of the TARDIS during several shots of the closing scene.
Just as the Doctor unlocks the TARDIS, a faint Dalek voice can be heard screeching.
The Web Planet
In several instances shadows are cast on the 'backdrop' and sky as the cast walk over the Vortis set.
The Web Planet [The Zarbi]
When the Menoptera Hroonda is killed he falls on the ground, rolls over - and his wings come off!
The Web Planet [Crater of Needles]
In the opening moments as we see Ian being buried by the rock fall someone can be heard laughing!
The Space Museum [The Space Museum]
Ian says they were wearing '13th century' clothes but they have just left the 12th century.
When the travellers emerge from the TARDIS their shadows are cast against the backdrop of the distant mountains.
The Moonbase [Episode 4]
The strings holding up the Cybermen spaceships are visible when the machines land on the moon.
The Invasion [Episodes Two-Three]
At the end of Episode 2 the Doctor and Jamie race past a blank wall in an empty room before being captured by the guards, but in the recap at the beginning of Episode 3 they are suddenly in a brick-walled room full of equipment!
The Invasion [Episode Six]
In one of the shots of the public being paralyzed by the hypnotic signal, a man walks into shot with the sounds of footsteps overlaid on the scene. After he collapses, the footsteps can still be heard!
The Seeds of Death [Episode One]
The shadow of the microphone boom is visible in some shots during scenes set in Eldred's museum.
The Seeds of Death [Episode Five]
Eldred tells the others that the Ice Warrior has been detected approaching the Weather Control Bureau. He indicates where it is on a transparent wall map by pointing to the top right of the picture and yet a square marked Weather Control Bureau can be seen to be at the bottom left!
Revenge of the Cybermen [Part One]
At the end of Genesis of the Daleks the Doctor is wearing a long brown coat and hat when he and Harry and Sarah dematerialise, but when they materialise on the Beacon he is no longer wearing his hat or the coat!
It is clearly obvious that the bodies lying in the corridor are mannequins!
Revenge of the Cybermen [Part Two-Three]
The symbol of the Interplanetary Space Command appears all over the Beacon and on the crew uniforms. However Lester's badge is clearly upside down!
The Power of Kroll [Part One]
According to Thawn there are only four crewmen on the Refinery and yet when he and Fenner go to look for Rohm-Dutt leaving Harg and Dugeen at the refinery there is a third man piloting the hoverboat!
Planet of Fire [Part Two]
When the Doctor and Turlough meet Amyand and Sorasta, the Doctor asks about Logar, but he had not heard the name before! {This is apparently not a blooper as the Doctor hears the name Logar 30 seconds earlier}


Doctor Who - Planet of Giants
Page 50, line 11: "'Are Ian and Susan all right?' asked Susan worriedly."

This item appeared in TSV 39 (May 1994).

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