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Artwork printed in TSV 44

[The Android Invasion] [Carnival of Monsters]
Alistair Hughes
[The Celestial Toymaker] [Dark Dimension Cyberman] [Dark Dimension Doctors] [Captain Sorin and Haemovores] [Delgado Master] [Emaciated Master] [Ainley Master]
Peter Adamson
[Styggron] [Fourth Doctor and Double] [Crayford] [Android Sarah] [Android] [Third Doctor and Jo Grant] [Third Doctor]
Paul Potiki
[The Daleks' Master Plan] [Leela] [Terror of the Zygons] [Seventh Doctor]
Tim Hill
[Benny Summerfield and Frobisher]
David Ronayne
[Jo Grant]
Warwick Gray
[Jo Grant]
Rochelle Thickpenny
[Ainley Master and Allies]
Alden Bates
[Delgado Master]
William Gravenor
[The Curse of Fenric]
Philip Braithwaite
[The Curse of Fenric] [Delgado Master] [Ainley Master]
Chris Girdler