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By Paul Scoones

Assembling an issue of TSV can be a stressful business at the best of times, but when expected items for publication fail to arrive, I'm faced with the difficult decision of whether to delay the issue in the hope they'll arrive, or to go to print on schedule without these missing items. This time I chose the latter option, so this issue has a complete absence of reviews of both Doctor Who Magazine and the latest books. Despite my best efforts, these publications did not arrive in time for inclusion.

A call to the Marvel offices revealed that all review copies of Doctor Who Magazine 226 had been unavoidably delayed (issue 227 also has yet to arrive).

Another toll call to London, this time to Virgin Publishing's offices, revealed that the advance covers and review copies had not yet been sent. For a time it looked as if there would not be any new book covers in this TSV, but thanks to the very helpful staff at Virgin, these did arrive in time. Just today the long-awaited parcel of books also showed up. I'm a fast reader, but not that fast, so the reviews will just have to wait for next issue - by which time, of course, even the most advanced titles I've received will be available in New Zealand. Meanwhile, I've got some stress-free reading to catch up on...


This item appeared in TSV 44 (June 1995).