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By Andrew Cartmel

Book review by Francis Cooke

Finally Andrew Cartmel writes another New Adventure, and it's even better than Warhead. I was expecting Bernice to be sidelined, but she gets at least as much to do as the Doctor and Ace. Unfortunately, many of Cartmel's own characters get more time, especially Creed McIlveen. Justine and Vincent (who appeared in Warhead) turn up, as well as one character that only got a few pages in Warhead. Justine and Vincent have definitely grown up since the Doctor last met them, and are no longer violent teenagers, but a nice young couple. Of course the Doctor sees that all changes...

The future isn't as grim as Warhead here, you can stroll quite happily anywhere, breathe the air and drink the water - just be wary of those little white pills, because it's amazing what they'll do to you. The internet tells me that Andrew Cartmel's next book will be called Warchild. Can't wait... (10/10)

This item appeared in TSV 44 (June 1995).

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