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By Paul Scoones

Welcome to the first of the quarterly issues. I'm very much aware that readers would prefer TSV to be more frequent, but as I have recently found full-time permanent employment, I no longer have nearly as much time to devote to it. Be assured that TSV is here to stay, but please expect a couple of weeks delay in addition to the usual two and a half months between issues. This means that TSV 46 will be in your mail box sometime around mid-December.

On the subject of next issue, expect something of a new look because TSV is about to enter the realm of desktop publishing. The man behind this impending innovation is the new assistant editor, Nicholas Withers. Nicholas has been a TSV reader and contributor for over three years and brings a lot of enthusiasm and experience to his new role. Nicholas will also be providing an E-mail address for TSV, which at the time of writing is very soon to be established.

As always articles, reviews, letters and artwork are very much appreciated from anyone interested in contributing. There's very little in this issue which wasn't specially commissioned and I'd very much like to see more work by first time or infrequent contributors in TSV 46.

Meanwhile, enjoy this special issue - devoted to the Key to Time stories to link up with their video release in this country.


This item appeared in TSV 45 (September 1995).