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The Romance of Crime

By Gareth Roberts

Book review by Samual McLeod

Gareth Roberts has been promising us a Fourth Doctor, Second Romana and K9 novel for a long time now, He has shown with The Highest Science that he can inject the humour element of Season Seventeen into a novel, so I was expecting quite a of this book. I was not disappointed.

The Doctor and Romana are written to perfection, fitting perfectly into the era. K9 is developed a lot more than he was on screen, becoming more believable with a lot more dialogue, and taking an active role in the story.

The Nisbett Brothers are written in the style of a typical Robert Holmes double act, while still being quite menacing. The Ogrons are brilliantly catered for, getting some of the best one liners I've ever 'heard' in Doctor Who. Their stupidity is handled very well, leading to some hilarious moments. My favourite is when they board the Rock of Judgement. The villain of the piece, Xais, is chillingly written; able to kill with ease and thoroughly evil.

Gareth Roberts manages to keep the story alive with twists and turns that are superbly handled. I would gladly recommend this book to anyone, Who fan or not.

This item appeared in TSV 45 (September 1995).

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