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Time of Your Life

By Steve Lyons

Book review by Francis Cooke

I haven't seen Vengeance on Varos, so I can't compare these two stories, but this is a great book.

The Doctor at the beginning is wonderful. After the trial he's become a hermit, determined to stop interfering. The only problem is that then the Time Lords ring him up to say they want him to do exactly what they put him on trial for: interfere again.

Stopping only to whisk a young girl called Angela off with him, we're off to a new set, a space station where all the TV programmes are made and broadcast, and it's time for a satire of our own television world. On one hand you have a Mary Whitehouse clone (and the real one would scream if this was broadcast on TV), on the other, a group of fans of the sci-fi show 'Timeriders', who I'm sure quite a few Who fans should be able to recognise!

Enter the big bad mean alien, who in this case is pulled off very well; originally "I'm going to kill everyone, so there" but becoming a quite different being in the end when seen from its perspective.

Subplots are everywhere, and soon you have subplots springing off the subplots and even subplots springing off these. When preparing to read this book, clear a space in your mind if you want to even vaguely understand what's going on! Many characters are there just for laughs. Miriam Walker especially had me constantly in fits of laughter. Lyons' humour isn't quite as good as the stuff Gareth Roberts can spout, but it's still good. And Head Games, well, with a cover and blurb like that, count me in. 9/10

This item appeared in TSV 45 (September 1995).

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