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By Paul Scoones

Once more it's been a much longer than anticipated gap between TSV issues. The time I spend lovingly producing each issue must always be balanced with my commitment to other areas of my life - such as my partner (and now fiancée) Rochelle - and also my job; mid-way through assembling this issue I received a promotion which has placed an added demand on my time.

Faced with a deluge of writing and artwork. I have taken the unusual decision to put out two issues simultaneously. It was either that or produce one, 176-page volume! So although this issue and the next are essentially 'Part One' and 'Part Two' of TSV 53 (hence the regular columns only appear once), they count as two separate issues for subscription purposes and are therefore numbered TSV 53 and TSV 54.

Another reason for putting out two together is that I'm off to England for a holiday shortly, and so won't be around to put out the next issue on time - so instead it's early (for once!). Expect the next issue around early August.

I owe a debt of gratitude to many people for the sheer quantity and quality of the work presented here. I'm particularly indebted to Andrew Pixley, ace researcher of DWM's excellent Archives, who phoned me up out of the blue late last year to say how he'd enjoyed reading TSV so much that he just had to call me from the UK to say so. It was Andrew's desire to write for something especially for TSV that resulted in his two epic-length and highly informative articles 'A Question of Answers' (this issue) and 'By Any Other Name' (in TSV 54).

Special thanks are also due to David J Howe, who took time out from writing two books with looming deadlines to provide long and detailed answers to my many interview questions (see TSV 54); and to Peter Adamson, a stalwart TSV writer and artist, who has continued to supply me with much excellent material whilst moving to another city and changing his occupation. I thoroughly recommend you send away now for your copy of his excellent debut as a fanzine editor, Telos Unearthed.

If you're wondering where my co-editor Nicholas Withers has disappeared to, it's simply that like me, Nick's time to devote to TSV has been greatly reduced by other factors in his life and we were simply unable to find a time to get together. Maybe next time!


This item appeared in TSV 53 (March 1998).