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Ghost Devices

By Simon Bucher-Jones

Book review by Paul Scoones

Ghost Devices is the most serious science fiction novel that the post-Doctor New Adventures have yet produced. Bernice joins an archaeological expedition to investigate the origins of a huge spire built on an alien world, only the reason why the spire was constructed turns out to be far more complex than any of the expedition members had anticipated.

The plot features a well thought-out complex time paradox which puts the rest of the story's events into perspective, but unfortunately the first half of the book dwells far too long on scene setting, and by the time the nature of the mystery began to unfold, I was almost ready to give up on the book. That said, however, Ghost Devices is much more readable than the impenetrable mess that was Simon Bucher-Jones's first New Adventure, The Death of Art. [2/5]

This item appeared in TSV 53 (March 1998).
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