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Extended Edit: The Awakening

The only cut of any significance made to the finished production of The Awakening was the removal of the first scene set aboard the TARDIS. This short sequence would have reintroduced the Doctor's robotic companion Kamelion, not seen since The King's Demons...

In a corridor of the TARDIS, Kamelion stands before an open roundel. He inserts his hand into the roundel and connects it to an output socket Tegan rounds the corner and sees Kamelion.
TEGAN: What are you doing?
Kamelion speaks using the Doctor's voice.
KAMELION: Furthering my education. Learning about the TARDIS.
TEGAN: Does the Doctor know you're tapping the computer?
KAMELION: Of course. I won't do it any harm. You forget, I'm benign.
TEGAN: So the Doctor says. But you still give me the willies. Especially when you use that voice. Can't you find another?
Kamelion adopts Turlough's voice and uses it until the end of the scene.
KAMELION: Would you prefer this?
TEGAN: That's even worse.
Suddenly the TARDIS shudders.
TEGAN: What's happening?
KAMELION: I don't know.
The TARDIS shudders again.
KAMELION: I think you should go to the console room.
TEGAN: Are you coming?
KAMELION: No. I'll only be in the way.
Tegan continues out of the corridor.

This scene would have led directly into the first televised TARDIS scene, in which the Doctor and Turlough are frantically checking the ship's systems for the cause of the malfunction. The missing scene was deleted because Part One was over length.

This item appeared in TSV 55 (October 1998).

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