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The Space Museum

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from The Children's Annual Collection Guide (1988), by A Clark.


from On This Day: The History of the World in 366 Days.

  She'd read his name on his convention badge, but still she'd given him an unpleasant shock. At least, taking his cue from some of the badges he'd noticed, he wasn't displaying his surname. 'Afraid so,' he said as unwelcomingly as he could.
  'Mine too. I'm Beer,' she said, pointing one fat finger at the badge on her overstuffed T-shirt. 'Do you watch anything besides Star Trek?'
  'Good God, yes.'
  'So do I. Blake's Seven and Space 1999 and Doctor Who and The Prisoner, of course, Do you know, I was talking to someone this morning who never watches anything except Star Trek. You don't expect people to be narrow-minded here, do you? I mean, sci-fi is about broadening your mind.'

from Obsession by Ramsey Campbell


TV Guide, 25 May 1990


This item appeared in the NZ Herald, 10 November 1993. The Wizard of Christchurch and Jon Pertwee were both guests at WhoCon 1990, though the two never actually met during the convention.

Q: What was the warcry of Dr Who's great enemies, the Daleks?
A: Exterminate

Television Trivia Teasers by Liz Watson, TV Guide, 24 September 1993

Your internal organs will hold approximately fourteen imperial pints of liquid. You must try and alter the laws of time and space by fitting at least 28 pints into them before visiting the little boys' room...

from How To Be A Real Man by Mark Leigh, Mike Lepine and Julian Clary (Virgin, 1992)

It had a name at last. Between the screen and the top of the case large odd-looking letters in dark winegum purple spelt out: VURFING THE GWRX
Brian giggled. "Whosing the What? How'd you say that, goo-erks or what?"
"Oh, go ask a Dalek -"

from Vurfing the Gwrx by Mike Scott Rohan (1982), in Peter Davison's Book of Alien Monsters (Sparrow Books, 1982)


From North Shore Times Advertiser, an Auckland suburban newspaper, Tuesday 9 November 1993.


from NZ Woman's Weekly (?) c.1964

Whose Line is it Anyway?, an improvisational TV game show, broadcast on NZ TV on Friday 4 September 1993 had a game of 'props' where two contestants team up, are given a prop and have to improvise a short scene using that prop. Tony Slatterly and Ryan Stiles were teamed up and given a rubber flipper. In their first scene, Tony holds the flipper to his chest and says 'It is a cheap episode of Doctor Who, and I am one of the flipper people,' then waves the flipper.


from the Weekly Telegraph newspaper No.112, 1 September 1993

Wellington's Victoria University student newspaper, Salient, recently featured in its regular poll section 'Eyespeak', the question 'Who was the best Dr Who?' These were the replies:

Don't know - Brigitta (22)
I never watched Dr Who - Naomi (19)
The middle one, Tom Baker - Kathryn (22)
Tom Baker, definitely - Rachel (21)
I think the guy with the curly hair, Tom Baker - Justin (23)

Auckland University's student newspaper Craccum had this to say about the student president in issue No.24, Vol.67, 5 October 1993:

The Martin Henderson award for fine sartorial splendour - Ritchie Watson, for the cute ensemble sported by Our Leader at the NZUSA conference - brown vinyl jacket, pink scarf and yellow gloves. Paula Ryan faints in delight and Doctor Who fans cue up to vote for Ritchie.


cartoon published in The Pink Panther Book No. 2 (1986)


Excerpts from Creepy Comix, published in Big Comic Fortnightly No.107, 4-17 July 1992.

This item appeared in TSV 36 (November 1993).

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