25 Years of a Time Lord

January 1989

25 Years of a Time Lord
Published January 1989

Andrew Poulsen
Printed by
"Who Pressed What?"
Front cover art
Scott Walker
Back cover art
Mark Roach


This was a combined Doctor Who 25th anniversary special and fiction collection, effectively counting as two publications for the purpose of upholding a promise by TSV's editors to producing two special issues as part of members' subscriptions in 1988/89. The celebratory material was split into three sections, the Sixties, Seventies and Eighties, in each of which a number of TSV contributors offered their opinions and memories of the stories, Doctors and styles of each era. The issue was edited by Andrew Poulsen and former co-editor Scott Walker's last involvement with the club was to design the distinctive front cover, based on the TARDIS police box telephone hatch, complete with the appropriate legend “Pull to Open”.






Print contents

3.Doctor Who - Over The Years
4.Editorial Andrew Poulsen
5.Episode Guide - William Hartnell
6.Episode Guide - Patrick Troughton
7.Episode Guide - Jon Pertwee
8.Episode Guide - Tom Baker
10.Episode Guide - Peter Davison
11.Episode Guide - Colin Baker
12.Episode Guide - Sylvester McCoy
13.Memories: An Introduction Stephen Murray
14.Memories: The Sixties Wendy Toynton, Paul Scoones, Jon Preddle, Ken Todd, "Unknown", Murray Jackson, Paul Kelly, Stephen Murray
20.Memories: The Seventies "Unknown", Wendy Toynton, Paul Kelly, Paul Scoones, Scott Walker, Stephen Murray, Ken Tod, Murray Jackson
25.The Master wins at Chess [Cartoon] Murray Jackson
26.Memories: The Eighties Murray Jackson, Paul Scoones, Ken Tod, Scott Walker, Wendy Toynton, Paul Kelly, Stephen Murray
30.Poem [Fiction] Charles Connell
31.Tardis Tales [Cartoon] Graham Muir
32.Doctor Who - Over the Eighties Scott Walker
36.The Future of Doctor Who Paul Scoones
40.25 Years in the Papers
46.Those Changers of Shape Nigel Flockhart
50.The Trouble with Adric [Fiction] Murray Jackson
54.The Playground [Fiction] Michael Mayo
60.The Union of the Snake [Fiction] Wendy Toynton
67.A Nice Place for a Holiday [Fiction] Murray Jackson
70.Kaldastra [Fiction] Michael Mayo

Artwork by: Scott Walker, "AM", Escher, Samantha Hayman, Paul Scoones, Mark Roach (View thumbnails)