Fiction Index

This is a list of text fiction published in TSV which is currently archived on the site. We also have comic strips.

  • A
    Across the Universe By Jeff Stone
    Timestreams 3 - The Doctor and DJ land in London in 1967 after a close encounter with a tachyon beam aimed at Earth.
    After the Eighth Day By Stephen Boswell
    TSV 49 - The Doctor interferes in the destiny of a boy to save a world
    Antidisestablishmentarianism of the Dalek By Chris Mander
    Timestreams 3 - A Dalek invades an Auckland Convention and two Doctors stop by to help
    Apocalypse of the Daleks By Craig Young
    Timestreams 4 - The Daleks invade present day Earth
    Arrakeen Tea Leaves By Nicholas Withers
    Timestreams 5 - The Doctor and Benny visit a prophetess
    Attack of the Autons By Clinton Spencer
    Timestreams 4 - The Autons invade Whakatane.
    Auld Acquaintance By David Bishop
    TSV 21 - A longer version of a brief encounter published in DWM
  • B
    The Ballad of Fang Rock By Wilfred Gibson
    TSV 3 - (Poem) A reproduction of the poem on which Horror of Fang Rock was based
    Beachhead By Simon Hardman
    Timestreams 5 - Tobias Vaughn takes a flight and encounters the Cybermen.
    The Box By David Ronayne
    TSV 33 - Dimensional transcendentalism explained!
    The Boy in the Attic By Stephen Boswell
    TSV 51 - The Doctor encounters a family haunted by a dark figure.
    Butterflies By Brad Schmidt
    TSV 55 - Sam and the eighth Doctor have a picnic in the TARDIS butterfly room
  • C
    Castle Attraction By Jamas Enright
    TSV 52 - Sarah Jane meets the sixth Doctor
    A Change of Heart By David Ronayne
    TSV 39 - After regeneration, a Time Lord can be substantially different to his previous self
    Charlie and the Monster By Michael Mayo
    Timestreams 2 - A young boy helps a monster
    The Companions of Doctor Who: The return of Romana By Paul Scoones
    TSV 8 - Romana must decide whether to stay in E-Space or return home to Gallifrey
    Companions of the Doctor By Paul Scoones
    Timestreams 1 - An adventure following the events of The Invasion of Time
    Corners of the Universe By Adam McGechan
    Timestreams 5 - Set during The Moonbase
  • D
    Dawn By Kate Orman
    TSV 35 - Dawn breaks on Skaro
    The Day of the Revenge of the Curse of Woolly Nemesis By David Ronayne
    Timestreams 4 - The Doctor and Ace visit One Monument Hill.
    A Day Off By Jamas Enright
    Timestreams 4 - Thad Richards, Doctor Who fan, encounters the Doctor and Turlough.
    A Deadly Interlude By David Lawrence
    Timestreams 2 - After the events of Frontier in Space, the Daleks hunt the Master
    Death of a Time Lord By Craig Young
    Timestreams 3 - After Event One, the Doctor and Romana encounter disruptions in the time streams
    Departure By Craig Young
    TSV 36 - The Doctor says goodbye to another companion
    The Deva Loka Massacre By Craig Young
    TSV 34 - A soldier remembers action on Deva Loka
    Dismissal By Michael Dwyer
    Timestreams 4 - A regeneration has unfortunate consequences...
    The Doctor gets brained with a blunt instrument followed instantly by regeneration in under three pages By Jon Preddle
    TSV 29 - A very short story produced in response to the editorial in Timestreams 4
    Doomsday Presage By Adam McGechan
    TSV 46 - A meeting almost takes place during The All Consuming Fire
    Dorothy By David Ronanye
    TSV 36 - Ace's post Doctor life...
  • E
    An End And A Beginning... By David Lawrence
    TSV 23 - Two legends meet on Gallifrey
    Energy Drain By Wendy Toynton
    TSV 10 - The Doctor and Peri encounter a creature made of energy
    Entropy's Edge By Daniel Spragg
    Timestreams 5 - A group of Time Lords encounter a catastrophic effect.
    The Eternal Casino By Jamas Enright
    Timestreams 5 - The Doctor, Nyssa and Tegan check in to a casino
    Event One By Craig Young
    Timestreams 3 - The Cybermen interfere with history, endangering life on a universal scale.
    Evidence By Alden Bates
    Timestreams 5 - The Valeyard reviews evidence for the Doctor's trial.
  • F
    Faith By Patrick O'Seanessay
    TSV 57 - The Doctor and Benny encounter some odd creatures
    The First Steps By Matthew Goodall
    Timestreams 1 - A scientist's experiments achieve fruition
    Flashback By Jessica Smiler
    TSV 28 - The Doctor and Ace at school
    The Foundation of Science By Jamas Enright
    TSV 60 - the Doctor and Turlough visit a research laboratory where none of the scientists have any morals
    A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the BBC Canteen By Murray Jackson
    Part 1 (TSV 17) - The fifth Doctor impersonates Peter Davison
    Part 2 (TSV 18) - The Doctor kidnaps Cliff Richard to help fight the Autons
    Futures Lost By Alden Bates
    Timestreams 4 - The Doctor and Ace conduct an intervention at the Temporal Displacement Agency
    Futures Lost II By Alden Bates
    Timestreams 4 - The Doctor and Ace attempt an intervention at the Rete Time Prediction agency
    Futures Lost III: The Conclusion By Alden Bates
    Timestreams 4 - The Doctor and Ace's latest intervention hits a little close to home.
  • G
    The Game By David Ronayne
    TSV 45 - The Doctor finds he's been playing an addictive game
    Games By David Ronayne
    TSV 32 - Fenric is rescued from his fate only to face a new challenge...
    Genesis of Evil By Jeff Stone
    TSV 35 - A time machine is built in Victorian England
    Globulus By Stuart Brown
    Timestreams 5 - The Doctor and Steven visit Earth and find a visitor already there...
  • H
    Half Human and More Than Just a Time Lord By David Ronayne
    TSV 50 - And the Doctor's mother is....
    Hegemony of the Daleks By Craig Young
    Timestreams 2 - The Daleks sweep through the universe.
    The Holy War By William Edwards
    TSV 2 - In the distant future, the Doctor is mistaken for someone else.
    The Homecoming By Adam McGechan
    Timestreams 5 - After returning to earth, Ian and Barbara have a strange encounter
    Hotline By James Enright
    TSV 53 - The Doctor's hotline takes calls 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, 100 years a century, etc. (They take breaks on leap days.)
  • I
    Infection By Steven Jones
    Timestreams 4 - The Master infects the Doctor with a virus in order to obtain his help in reaching Krystos.
    Infection By David Ronayne
    TSV 37 - The seventh Doctor has a run in with the Golgafrinchians
    The Interloper By Brad Schmidt
    TSV 56 - The eighth Doctor and a friend hunt for a temporal fugitive
    Interlude By David Ronayne
    TSV 39 - The Doctor is called up on trial...
    Intersect By Craig Young
    Timestreams 4 - During the latter half of the 20th century, a small group of telepaths known as the Tomorrow People existed...
    Invasion of the Cybermen By Phillip J Gray
    Timestreams 2 - The Doctor and Romana take Sarah Jane on a trip to ancient Gallifrey
  • K
    Kaldastra By Michael Mayo
    25 Years of a Time Lord - The Doctor and Ace are caught in a time cloud
  • L
    The Last Confrontation By Timothy Blackburn
    Timestreams 1 - The Master forges an alliance with the Sensorites
    The Last Words By Alden Bates
    TSV 37 - A Dalek deep space cruiser encounters a Rutan
    The Lesser of Two Evils By Morgan Davie
    Timestreams 4 - The Doctor and Ace land on a desolate world and find the Rani.
    The Lesson By Peter Adamson
    TSV 54 - a slice of life on Gallifrey
    Doctor Who: Lizardhead By Craig Young
    Timestreams 1 - The Master aims to access hidden Silurian technology
  • M
    The Mayfly By David Ronayne
    TSV 34 - A woman's deadbed is visited...
    Memories and Restriction By Matthew Dentith
    Timestreams 5 - The Cybercontroller lies dying
    Memory's Echo By Phillip J. Gray
    TSV 28 - A former companion reminisces.
    Merlin By Matthew Dentith
    TSV 34 - Somewhere in another time and place...
    The Message By Donald Peathe Jnr (Jon Preddle)
    TSV 26 - A brief encounter in which Sarah Jane looks for the Doctor...
    Miasimia Goria By Peter Adamson
    Timestreams 5 - The Rani's grip on Miasimia Goria weakens.
    The Mind Robber: Epilogue By Alden Bates
    TSV 34 - An old man returns home
    Mind Web By Paul Scoones
    Timestreams 2 - The Doctor and Peri find a web overrunning the TARDIS
    Missing Link By Philip Braithwaite
    TSV 38 - postscript to the Five Doctors with the second Doctor and the Brigadier
    A Mission to Destiny By Eric Van Gislin
    Timestreams 4 - An explosion on planet Mesa, a man named D. Cooper, and the Doctor...
    Moral Duty By Kirk Moore
    TSV 38 - A Prelude to Ambassadors of Death
    Murder at Midnight By Jeff Stone
    Part 1 (TSV 26) - Arriving at Tudor Close, the Doctor, DJ and Valerie meet up with an old friend
    Part 2 (TSV 27) - The Doctor must solve the murder of Dr Black
    Part 3 (TSV 28) - the Doctor, DJ and Valerie try to work out the mystery of Tudor Close
  • N
    A New Hope By Alistair Hughes
    TSV 51 - The Doctor slips some vital plans to a rebellion...
    A Nice Place for a Holiday By Murray Jackson
    25 Years of a Time Lord - The Doctor and Tegan encounter the Cybermen
    Nightwatch By Christopher Owen
    TSV 27 - A nightwatchman stumbles on a body.
  • O
    "Oh No! Not Again" By Michael Smeaton
    Timestreams 1 - A Doctor Who/Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy crossover story
    Once Upon a Time on a Lonely Hill... By Francis Cooke
    TSV 51 - The eighth Doctor takes a timeout
    Origins By Paul Scoones
    TSV 1 - A prequel to 'An Unearthly Child'
    The Other Side By Tavish J Fraser
    Timestreams 3 - The Cybermen invade Vergon, the Doctor and Ace turn up to stop them.
  • P
    P.R. By Jamas Enright
    TSV 37 - Liz Shaw is interviewed by Sarah Jane Smith
    The Perfect People By Michael Mayo
    Timestreams 4 - On Valmar, the Doctor and Peri encounter scientists being held as prisoners.
    Perpugilliam By Phillip J. Gray
    TSV 30 - The Doctor remembers his lost companion
    The Playground By Michael Mayo
    25 Years of a Time Lord - The Doctor encounters a strange foe in his dreams
    The Power of the Daleks Prologue By David Lawrence
    Timestreams 2 - A prologue to the first Patrick Troughton story.
    A Prelude to Terror By Leigh Hendry
    TSV 35 - The Zygons arrive on Earth...
    The Price By Patrick O'Seanessay
    TSV 53 - The third Doctor feels the burden of his memories of Earth's future
    Pure Gold By Stephen Jones
    Timestreams 3 - The Doctor, Ace and Blair encounter Cybermen on Freobar.
  • R
    The Rainbox By Christopher Owen
    Timestreams 4 - An artifact observes the Doctor and Ace visiting its world
    Rebirth By Matthew Dentith
    TSV 36 - The TARDIS crashes, causing the Doctor to regenerate...
    Redemption By Michael Mayo
    TSV 9 - The Doctor and Peri answer a TARDIS distress call
    Remembrance By Nicholas Withers
    TSV 34 - Quatermass crossover
    Return to Earth By Jamas Enright
    Timestreams 4 - The Doctor returns to Nerva Beacon to tell them he fixed the transmat.
    Revelation of the Dalek Part One By David Lawrence
    Timestreams 2 - A Dalek invades a Wellington Doctor Who convention which the Doctor and Jamie are attending as guests
    Revelation of the Dalek Part Two By David Lawrence
    Timestreams 2 - With the Dalek running rampant, the Doctor and Jamie attempt to escape
    Reviviscere By Paul Scoones
    Part 1 (TSV 11) - The Doctor, Tegan and Turlough are relaxing on the Eye of Orion when a Time Lord pays them a visit.
    Part 2 (TSV 12) - An attempted rescue may mean death for the Doctor
    Part 3 (TSV 13) - The Doctor, Tegan and Turlough face mortal danger as Reviviscere concludes
  • S
    A Seasonal Tale By David Ronayne
    TSV 46 - A Christmas story...
    The Seeds of Doubt By Peter Adamson
    TSV 61 - The sixth Doctor and Mel set out to discover the fate of the Vervoids
    Serintip By David Ronayne
    Timestreams 4 - The Doctor and Ace encounter a familiar pair of travellers
    The Ship By Jon Preddle (as Donald Peathe Jnr)
    Timestreams 2 - The Doctor encounters a ship of people in suspended animation
    Signifying Nothing By Paul Scoones
    TSV 38 - the Brigadier attends a reunion of the Doctor's companions
    Storm Over Hyperion By Jeff Stone
    Timestreams 2 - The Doctor and DJ encounter a powerful computer.
    Storms in Teacups or Teaside Rendezvous By David Ronayne
    TSV 34 - Ian and Barbara return to Earth
    Stratosfear By Jeff Stone
    Timestreams 4 - The Doctor and DJ land on the Hindenburg
    The Summoning By Morgan Davie
    TSV 34 - Scaroth tries to get aide from an unusual source
  • T
    Tempest By Morgan Davis
    Timestreams 5 - The TARDIS is brought to an abrupt halt mid-flight
    Tibetan Sojourn By Jonathan Preddle
    Timestreams 1 - The Doctor, Ben and Polly visit Tibet
    Time Fall By Gerald Joblin
    Timestreams 5 - The Doctor, Romana and K9 encounter the Timewatch 7 ship
    Time is Breaking Through By Phillip J. Gray
    TSV 33 - A Sapphire and Steel crossover
    Times Past By Patrick O'Seanesy
    TSV 34 - Benny spies in on her dad via the Visualiser
    The Trakon Doctor Who Play By Paul Scoones, Mark Roach, Jon Preddle
    TSV 16 - comedy sketch featuring Ace, the seventh Doctor, Omega and Rassilon
    The Trouble with Adric By Murray Jackson
    25 Years of a Time Lord - Adric makes a mess of things...
    Turning Point By Michael Norrish
    Timestreams 4 - The Daleks and Cybermen clash while the Doctor calls on his previous selves to assist.
  • U
    The Union of the Snake By Wendy Toynton
    25 Years of a Time Lord - The Mara challenges the Doctor to mind games
    Unnatural Selection By David Ronayne
    TSV 46 - The human birth of an inhuman menace
  • V
    Valeyard By Alden Bates
    TSV 33 - The story of the Valeyard's creation
    Virtue's Reward By Craig Young
    TSV 29 - The coverup of a TV series...
    A Visit By David Lawrence
    TSV 47 - When Eternals Play Chess.
  • W
    Waiting By David Ronayne
    TSV 43 - The Brigadier meets with an FBI agent...
    Warpath of the Daleks By Jeff Stone
    Part 1 (Time/Space Visualiser Special #1) - The Doctor and Peri are, once again, lost.
    Part 2 (Time/Space Visualiser Special #1) - The Doctor and Peri are captured by the Daleks
    Part 3 (TSV 21) - The ship the Doctor is on is about to self destruct
    Part 4 (TSV 22) - The Daleks' plan is revealed
    The Weapon By Michael Mayo
    Timestreams 1 - The fifth Doctor and Nyssa encounter the Master
    Welcome back, Doctor By Murray Cramp
    TSV 30 - The Doctor returns after hiatus...
    When The Stars Are Right By Nicholas Withers
    TSV 47 -
    Whisperings By Jamas Enright
    TSV 37 - What Gallifreyan superweapons talk about
    The Workings of a Humble Scribe By Leigh Hendry
    TSV 34 - The back story of the Egyptian gods of Pyramids of Mars
    Wotan Lives! By Jeff Stone
    Part 1 (TSV 31) - The Doctor and DJ arrive in time to witness the activation of a new defence computer
    Part 2 (TSV 32) - The conclusion
  • X
    "X" By Jon Preddle (as Donald Peathe Jnr)
    Timestreams 1 - The Doctor once again regenerates into a new form...
  • Z
    Zero Minus Thirty-Three Days By Keith Topping, Martin Day
    TSV 51 - A prelude to Devil Goblins of Neptune