Infinite Requiem

New Adventure written by Daniel Blythe © 1995

'The whole structure of the cosmos could be at stake - and the focus of the danger is here on Earth.'
Benice sighed. 'Charity begins at home.'

Kelzen, a chaotic force in the mind of an unborn twentieth-century earthling. Jirenal, intent on conquering a future society of dreamers and telepaths. Shanstra, evil incarnate - the conflicts on Gadrell Major are her sport and the tragedies of humans are her environment.

They are Sensopaths, their minds attuned to the collective unconscious, their power unleashed like a wild animal into the physical world. One by one, the TARDIS has located them. While Benice faces the life-and-death struggle of a colonial war, with only a hologram of the Doctor to help her, the Doctor himself must confront the all-powerful trinity.

Set PieceSanctuary

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