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"I stopped the car at last and let the fog close in around me. I knew I was somewhere on Barnes Common and I had a suspicious idea it was the most deserted part as well. A warm fire and the supper my landlady would have waiting for me seemed as far away as New Zealand."

(Doctor Who and the Daleks, David Whitaker, 1964)

Another Time and Space documents every television screening of Doctor Who episodes on New Zealand television.

New Zealand holds several notable distinctions in the history of the series on television. When An Unearthly Child aired 18 September 1964 in Christchurch, New Zealand made history as the very first country outside Britain to broadcast the series. New Zealand was later the first in the world to screen Parts Two and Three of the twenty-fifth anniversary story Silver Nemesis, airing both episodes on 25 November 1988. It was also the first country outside Britain to show The Waters of Mars, on 29 November 2009. The first episode of The Crusade, missing from the BBC archives, was discovered in Auckland in 1999, and censor clips from lost episodes of The Web of Fear and The Wheel in Space were located in Wellington in 2002.

For ease of reference Another Time and Space separates Doctor Who into 'New' and 'Classic' Series.

'New Series' covers screenings from 2005 to date. The transmission information has primarily been sourced direct from the relevant television channels' online schedules and supplied publicity information.

The 'Classic Series' section covers screenings from 1964 to 2002, and is compiled from a wide variety of sources. Much of the information pertaining to screenings from this period was initially researched using the New Zealand Listener, a television and radio listings magazine published weekly since 1939. The screening dates are supplemented and supported by information gleaned from other sources including the NZBC programme traffic records, government censorship notices and AGB McNair television ratings. For research assistance with and provision of additional information, thanks are due to Graham Howard, David Bishop, Nigel Windsor, Murray Jackson, and most of all Jon Preddle.

Thanks are also due to Alden Bates for developing and hosting this online resource.

This is a work in progress. The intention is to progressively add more material and, as long as Doctor Who continues to be broadcast on NZ television, the relevant pages will be updated to include those screenings.

Feedback and questions related to this subject are very welcome. Contact me at paulscoones (at) yahoo.com.

Paul Scoones