Doctor Who Listener Archive - 1980/81

Note: These are the articles, photos and other Doctor Who related items from issues of the New Zealand Listener. The full text of each item has been transcribed as it is often indistinct on the scanned cuttings. Spelling and grammar have not been corrected. We would like to hear from anyone who can provide better quality copies or scanned originals of any of these cuttings and also from anyone who can identify any additional Doctor Who items from the New Zealand Listener that have not been included here.

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Listener Clippings

[clipping: 1980-03-08]

8 March 1980
Vol 94 No 2095 (8-14 Mar 1980)
p85: photo (b/w) of Leela [from Image of the Fendahl]; TV listings: Image of the Fendahl Part Four (TV2, Monday 10/3/80)

Louise Jameson as Leela, DR WHO's companion in Image of the Fendahl (6.00pm)

[clipping: 1980-03-22]

22 March 1980
Vol 94 No 2097 (22-28 Mar 1980)
p101: photo (b/w) of Tala [from Underworld]; TV listings: Underworld Part Two (TV2, Monday 24/3/80)

Imogen Bickford-Smith in DR WHO at 6.00

[clipping: 1980-05-17]

17 May 1980
Vol 95 No 2105 (17-23 May 1980)
p93: photo (b/w) of the Fourth Doctor and Romana [from The Pirate Planet]; TV listings: The Pirate Planet Part Two (TV2, Monday 19/5/80)

Dr Who (Tom Baker) and Romana (Mary Tamm) are stranded on a planet called Zanak, whose people are sternly ruled by a mysterious pirate captain. Their adventure continues at 6.00.

[clipping: 1981-01-17]

17 January 1981
Vol 97 No 2139 (17-23 Jan 1981)
p69: photo (b/w) of the Fourth Doctor and Romana, and insert photo of K9 and a Mandrel [both from Nightmare of Eden]; TV listings: Nightmare of Eden Part Three (TV2, Monday 19/1/81)

The Doctor and Romana (Tom Baker and Lalla Ward, husband and wife in real-life) have convinced Customs that they are innocent of smuggling - but still have the Mandrells to face. Luckily they have the help of the Time Lord's best friend, the trusty K9, in DR WHO at 6.00pm.

[clipping: 1981-01-24-A]

24 January 1981
Vol 97 No 2140 (24-30 Jan 81)
p66-67: article entitled 'The fifth Doctor' in the Junior Listener (January 1981) pull-out supplement 'Television round-up' section, and full page photo (col) of the Fourth Doctor [from The Invisible Enemy]

The fifth Doctor

Dr Who moves into its 18th year in 1981. It is shown in 22 different countries and has had four different Doctors. The current one, played by Tom Baker, will leave the series after nearly seven years, to be replaced by Peter Davison (who played Tristan Farnon in All Creatures Great and Small). There were rumours that when Baker left, the robot K9 would go too, but the BBC hasn't said yet whether this will happen.

Baker said once that "Nothing appeals to me more than Dr Who," but he has evidently decided that seven years is enough time as a Time Lord. As fans know, being a Time Lord means he is able to travel freely through time and space, in his own Tardis (Time and Relative Dimension in Space). Fans will also know that Dr Who does not die, but simply changes form, keeping his identity. So the producers have to choose carefully an actor the audience will accept.

The form may change, but Dr Who will always remain an eccentric agent of good in a universe filled with forces of evil.

[clipping: 1981-01-24-B]

Photo caption:

Tom Baker as DOCTOR WHO

[clipping: 1981-01-31]

31 January 1981
Vol 97 No 2141 (31 Jan - 6 Feb 1981)
p69: photo (b/w) of Soldeed [from The Horns of Nimon]; TV listings: The Horns of Nimon Part One (TV2, Monday 02/02/81)

DR WHO begins a new adventure tonight at 6.00, when he meets a group of young people heading for a latter-day minotaur, just like the one his old friend Theseus met in the Cretan labyrinth. And exactly what role does Soldeed (Graham Crowden) play?

21 February 1981
Vol 97 No 2144 (21-27 Feb 1981)
p92-93: the '1981 Television Preview' feature includes a table of the 'New Season's Schedule' with 'Dr Who' listed in the 5.30-6.00 timeslot, Tuesdays on One.

28 February 1981
Vol 97 No 2145 (28 Feb - 6 Mar 1981)
p91: film preview in 'Films on TV' column by Nevil Gibson; Dr Who and the Daleks (TV1, Tuesday 03/03/81)

Tuesday March 3
DR WHO AND THE DALEKS (1966) ONE. The original big-screen spin-off from the BBC series. Peter Cushing, as the inventive and absent-minded Dr Who, takes two grandchildren and a boy on a trip through time to a planet where the peace- loving Thals are threatened. The attempts at humour are feeble, but the younger set will enjoy it.

[clipping: 1981-03-28]

28 March 1981
Vol 97 No 2149 (28 Mar - 3 Apr 1981)
p112: photo (b/w) of Mena [from The Leisure Hive]; TV listings: The Leisure Hive Part Two (TV1, Tuesday 31/03/81).

British actress Adrienne Corri (right) makes a guest appearance in today's episode of DR WHO (5.35). Viewers who have been watching Sunday evening's Love in a Cold Climate may have trouble recognising the woman who plays Veronica Chaddesley-Corbett when she turns up as Mena at the Leisure Hive on planet Argolis. Adrienne lives in London and for the past two years has devoted nearly all her spare time to trying to prove the authenticity of a painting. The subject is 18th century actor-theatre manager David Garrick and Adrienne is convinced the picture is the work of Gainsborough. Her agent is not always thrilled when Adrienne turns down work to follow yet another lead. Fortunately she doesn't turn down every offer.

[clipping: 1981-08-15]

15 August 1981
Vol 98 No 2169 (15-21 Aug 1981)
p120: photo (b/w) of the Fourth Doctor [from The Pirate Planet]; TV listings: The Keeper of Traken Part Two (TV1, Tuesday 18/08/81).

Tom Baker, Dr Who for five years, believes there isn't "nearly enough" violence in the DR WHO stories. An odd view for a man who was a novice monk before becoming an actor? He qualifies the statement by adding, "Kids adore the sort of violence where monsters fall about all over the place and people are vapourised. The reality of violence is pretty squalid." Kids can decide for themselves whether there's enough crashing and vapourisation on The Keeper of Traken at 5.30.

[clipping: 1981-08-22]

22 August 1981
Vol 98 No 2170 (22-28 Aug 1981)
p12: cartoon by Noel Ford in the 'Letters to the Editor' section

"It's no use bleating now - I warned you about becoming typecast."

[clipping: 1981-12-12]

12 December 1981
Vol 99 No 2186 (12-18 Dec 1981)
p94: advertisement for Doctor Who Target novelisations

19 December 1981
Vol 99 No 2187 (19 Dec 1981 - 1 Jan 1982)
p104: advertisement for Doctor Who Target novelisations (the exact same advert appeared in the 12 December 1981 issue)

Listener TV ANNUAL 1981 (November 1981)


Five years ago, the only mention of outer-space on television came during news items of moon landings, in science programmes, and in Dr Who...

[clipping: 1981-TVA-A]

p51: photo (col) of the fourth Doctor and Romana [from State of Decay]. Caption:

Dr Who (Tom Baker, left) and Buck Rogers (Gil Gerrard, above): pitted against sinister, inhuman beings.

[clipping: 1981-TVA-B][clipping: 1981-TVA-C]

p57: photos (b/w) of the Fourth Doctor and K9 [from Full Circle], and Romana [from State of Decay].

... British series like Dr Who and Blake's Seven have plot and style, according to their numerous worldwide fans. The BBC hasn't got the financial resources of Paramount Pictures, nor are their writers and directors as interested in the interior (and exterior) decoration aspect. The sets for Dr Who often look as if they have just been put together in the studio for that show's taping.

Below: Dr Who (Tom Baker) with his time-travelling "assistants" K9 and Romana (Lalla Ward).

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