Doctor Who Listener Archive - 1967/68

Note: These are the articles, photos and other Doctor Who related items from issues of the New Zealand Listener. The full text of each item has been transcribed as it is often indistinct on the scanned cuttings. Spelling and grammar have not been corrected. We would like to hear from anyone who can provide better quality copies or scanned originals of any of these cuttings and also from anyone who can identify any additional Doctor Who items from the New Zealand Listener that have not been included here.

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Listener Clippings

[clipping: 1967-03-17]

17 March 1967
Vol 56 No 1432 (20-26 March 1967)
p25: Photo of Ian and Marco Polo and short article, promoting Marco Polo: The Roof of the World (CHTV-3, 20/3/67)

TRAVELLING with Dr Who is a hazardous business. Not only is the means of transport a rather unprepossessing sort of box, but his passengers never know whether they are going to land on earth or a planet, in the year 200,000 B.C. or at some unknown date in the future. In "The Roof of the World," the first episode of a further series of Dr Who (CHTV-3 tonight), the four travellers find themselves in Cathay in the year 1289, where they are rescued from the unwelcome attention of the Mongol war lord, Tegana, by one Marco Polo, on his way to the court of the great Kublai Khan in Peking.   ABOVE: William Russell (left) as Ian Chesterton, one of the time travellers, and Mark Eden as Marco Polo.

[clipping: 1968-01-19]

19 January 1968
Vol 58 No 1476 (22-28 January 1968)
p23: Article in the 'Television Notebook' section, and accompanying photo of Barbara and Susan, marking the return of the series with The Reign of Terror: A Land of Fear (CHTV-3, 26/1/68)

Two shows with many enthusiastic followers return in new series this week, The Marriage Lines to WNTV-1 (Saturday, 9.47 p.m.) and Dr Who to CHTV-3 (Friday, 5.26). Other channels will start them later. Dr Who's new adventure is entitled Dr Who and the Reign of Terror. He and his three companions step out of the Tardis believing they have arrived back in 20th-century England. They are frustrated to discover they are in fact in France at the height of the French Revolution, and are likely candidates for the guillotine. William Hartnell again plays Dr Who.
  DR WHO's time machine has taken the eccentric scientist and his companions to France at the time of the Revolution. For Susan (Carol Ann Ford, right), and Barbara (Jacqueline Hill) it means a journey toward the guillotine. (Read TV 3.)

2 February 1968
Vol 58 No 1478 (5-11 February 1968)
p26: Excerpt from article 'Television to Come', a preview of The Time Tunnel and Captain Scarlet.

Viewers who get a thrill when aliens glow white-hot and disappear in front of David Vincent in The Invaders, or enjoy a trip back in time with Dr Who on the Tardis, are sure to enjoy two new futuristic series recently purchased by the NZBC.

[clipping: 1968-03-15]

15 March 1968
Vol 58 No 1484 (18-24 March 1968)
p44: Photo of the First Doctor, promoting The Reign of Terror: A Change of Identity (WNTV-1, 22/3/68)

WILLIAM HARTNELL, who plays the title role in the science fiction serial Dr Who, finds himself thrust into the frenzy of the French Revolution in this evening's episode, "A Change of Identity", on WNTV-1.

[clipping: 1968-05-31]

31 May 1968
Vol 58 No 1495 (3-9 June 1968)
p44: Photo of Barbara, promoting: The Reign of Terror: A Change of Identity (AKTV-2); The Romans: Conspiracy (WNTV-1); The Rescue: Desperate Measures (DNTV-2, 7/6/68)

JACQUELINE HILL, who plays Barbara Wright in the BBC science-fiction serial Dr Who, continuing on AKTV-2, WNTV-1 and DNTV-2 screens this evening.

[clipping: 1968-08-16]

16 August 1968
Vol 59 No 1506 (19-25 August 1968)
p40: Photo of Ian and Barbara, promoting The Romans: Conspiracy (AKTV-2, 23/8/68)

IAN (William Russell) and Barbara (Jacqueline Hill), plus the rest of the crew of the "Tardis" are adventuring in ancient Rome in the current Dr Who story on AKTV-2.

[clipping: 1968-11-15]

15 November 1968
Vol 59 No 1519 (18-24 November 1968)
p53: Photo of the First Doctor and the Moroks, promoting The Space Museum: The Space Museum (WNTV-1, 24/11/68)

DR WHO (William Hartnell) meets the hostile Moroks in a new adventure, "The Space Museum", which starts on WNTV-1 this afternoon.

[clipping: 1968-12-27]

27 December 1968
Vol 59 No 1525 (30 December 1968-12 January 1969)
p80: Photo of Lobos, promoting The Space Museum: The Dimensions of Time (AKTV-2, 12/1/69)

RICHARD SHAW as Lobos in "The Dimensions of Time", a further story of Dr Who on AKTV-2 this afternoon.

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