Doctor Who Listener Archive - 1971

Note: These are the articles, photos and other Doctor Who related items from issues of the New Zealand Listener. The full text of each item has been transcribed as it is often indistinct on the scanned cuttings. Spelling and grammar have not been corrected. We would like to hear from anyone who can provide better quality copies or scanned originals of any of these cuttings and also from anyone who can identify any additional Doctor Who items from the New Zealand Listener that have not been included here.

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Listener Clippings

[clipping: 1971-05-31]

31 May 1971
Vol 67 No 1648 (31 May-6 Jun 1971)
p24: Photo of Fariah, promoting The Enemy of the World Episode 3 (CHTV-3, 31/5/71)

Carmen Munroe as Fariah in "Dr Who: The Enemy of the World". Part 3 will screen on Monday evening.

[clipping: 1971-06-07]

7 June 1971
Vol 67 No 1649 (7-13 Jun 1971)
p24: Photo of Salamander, promoting The Enemy of the World Episode 4 (CHTV-3, 7/6/71)

Patrick Troughton as Salamander in a scene from "Dr Who and the Enemy of the World", screening Monday evening.

[clipping: 1971-06-28]

28 June 1971
Vol 67 No 1652 (28 Jun-5 Jul 1971)
p22: Photo of Anne Travers, promoting The Web of Fear Episode 1 (CHTV-3, 28/6/71)

Tina Packer plays Ann in a new series of "Dr Who" starting on Monday evening.

[clipping: 1971-07-05]

5 July 1971
Vol 67 No 1653 (5-11 Jul 1971)
p24-25: Photo of Captain Knight, Staff Sergeant Arnold, Jamie, Corporal Lane and two Yeti, promoting The Web of Fear Episode 1 (DNTV-2, 5/7/71)

Left: "Dr Who and the Web of Fear" - a new story starts on Monday evening. Ralph Watson, Jack Woolgar, Frazer Hines and Rodney Beacham encounter some yeti.

[clipping: 1971-08-09]

9 August 1971
Vol 67 No 1658 (9-15 Aug 1971)
p7: Photo of a Yeti and Alan Whicker accompanying an article 'The World of Whicker'. The photo is uncredited and no mention of Doctor Who appears in the article.

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